Birth of Witches and Fauna

Peace was returned and it would be another three thousand years before the harmony would once again be challenged when a new ideology was born in a small rural country that spread like fire across half way around the world. Talk of a new war broke out around the human world which would end in a genocide all life forms with more power than man. The supernaturals of earth were prepared and readied themselves, while higher spirits of their own world reopened the gateways and stood ready to protect those they had left behind. When the second war, the Birth of Witches and Fauna, came to an end after only one hundred years it truly was genocide, with most of our kind lost. It was then that the choices were made that would shape how we see the supernatural world today. The gateways would never remain open again and for the first time Spirits were choosing to stay on earth creating haunting and gateways between the worlds, some would remain in human form to continue the fight; they became quickly known to the human world as Witches. Others would become known as Shifters of Fauna and hide amongst the creatures of earth using their abilities to protect the surviving. 

It is these Fauna that our story depends on, these shy creatures who choose to hide in the shadows that would save our race once agin, and in particular a young girl named Louisa. I remember it well, after nearly two thousand years of hiding in 1934 the Fauna rose up and formed an alliance of Monarchs never seen in our kind before, dedicated to the protection, development and  continuation of the supernatural race. Kings or Queens were appointed claim on eight territories: Arctic, New World (60S), Aztec South America, African Continent, Eurasian West, Siberia, Asian East, Oceanic Islands, and Antarctic. Three of the most power and experienced Shifters were chosen to lead as King, Queen and Duke of all Fauna.

And now we come to the part we must now face, the current as it stands today.

It has been almost three quarters of a century since the alliance, and peace was for a moment all around the supernatural world. Humanity was of course at war with itself again and we were fast settling into a new millennia of technological advancements. It was here that only months ago a murder hit our race again, this time from an unknown source. Zubenescham-ali, Ali, the queen of all Fauna and one of the original thirteen children born to Edade and Evive has been murdered mysteriously and the King has gone back into hiding, afraid it may be too dangerous to rise. The Duke of all Fauna has called the first meeting of Shifters in over a century, the reproduction of viable shifters has stunted and a choice will need to be made. Another thousand years of hiding, or standup and fight a new kind of war? 

It is now that we are hoping to find the answer in a young girl named Louisa Summerfield. 

The End

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