Birth of the Beings.


On the back of the extradition of all supernatural from the physical world, the battle that was fought to keep the gateways open became known to our race as the Birth of the Beings. Those who could take on the physical form touched down on earth to fight, they brought with them more power than their competitor but they lacked the single ability that was to become their downfall, they could not see the humans as an enemy. Humans had anger, they had centuries of folklore and religion that we could not match. It was a very slow war lasting nearly thirteen hundred years and many humans were killed in battle, but again humans had an advantage; when one died four more took his place. In this time when a spirit died he no longer existed, we could not reproduce or create more like us we ceased to exist and nothing would bring back that which was.  As they fought in battle the portals that once allowed these spirits freedom to travel back home had became smaller and smaller. Many of our race died in the battle leaving others trapped when the portals finally sealed. 

This is where the story begins, the true Birth of the Being, the beginning. For when the portals were sealed and the lost sprits were trapped in the physical realm, two very powerful supernatural beings emerged, two that none of our kind had imagined would be responsible for the recreation of our world.

Edade and Evive were two great seers of our kind. They contained much of the wisdom and power of our race, but more importantly they contained a strange spark of knowledge that allowed them to respect and admire the human race, the gift of observation. They watched humans in the years that followed, observation revealed the interpersonal relationships of humanity, the ability to breed and multiply, a foreign process. The two quickly became fascinated with understanding humanity and set about to replicate the human experience. 

Their story is involved, complex and inspiring, I will not tell it here now for that is a story better saved for later when it might help us understand another fate. For now a young girl depends on me telling her story. The beginning is only important so you may understand how a young girl lost in her own tragedies became again an unlikely savior to our race. Let us just understand that it took Edade and Evive hundreds of years to succeeded in their attempts to replicate the reproduction of our race, but they were successful in all aspects and brought forth twelve children each named after a grouping of stars the human world had once looked upon for guidance. This strange practice of looking to the skies, even they had come to see as magical, though they knew still it was not nearly the magic they possessed. 

Edade and Evive lived for years alongside their physical children before the gateways were reopened, and the supernaturals were permitted to travel back to their own world. It was hence forbidden that the physical world be allowed access to the portals again, and due to their physical nature Edade and Evive would leave their children behind. From these twelve came hundreds, then thousands of true earth based supernatural beings capable they found of surviving through eternity. 

The End

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