Making Shapes: an urban jungle tail

A first attempt at the fantasy realm.

After millennia's on earth, a breed of supernaturals may again be in danger of extinction. A queen is murdered, a king refuses to return from hiding and all hope lays with a young shifter who may hold the key to returning the balance.


Since the dawn of the earth and the physical realm took to light and breath, we have been watching, first at a distance, and as we learned to move between the two worlds, then very much closer.

For millennia we the creatures they called supernatural lived in harmony with the physical beings of our earth, humans interacted, nurtured and needed our presence. Routinely we were called upon. The high spirits, to bring the elements the humans and all fauna required to survive, and the newer low spirits to bring comfort to the dying and bless the young children. Humans most were tied to the ceremony and ritual life, they believed much of what they had been told, and we were much of what they believed. We lived in balance, the physical world requiring the spirit and those spirits fascinated by the workings of a physical world filled with more than just life but also death, concepts uncommon to our race. The overwhelming fascination that -the so called- supernatural spirits felt for humanity has been recorded in the histories from Homer to the Bible, how we pushed ourselves upon the physical world and became jealous of their physicality. 

I am but the muse Madora, I have no claim to the physical nor the spiritual, I was never born but created among many who have perished, I have lived along side both these worlds yet lay claim to neither as my home. I am a Muse, I am physical and spiritual, I am matter and and wind, I bridge communications and inspire the uninspired, I too have gone down in history. Although I play a key role in the story it is not about me, well not in its entirety although I too am fighting to regain my place, this story you will find is about the balance, and true, the jealousy that lead to the place we stand now.

As was said, for millennia a natural order was built between the worlds; that of spirit was free to roam the physical world, and those physical beings aware of the process could freely travel to the spiritual world openly. As time passed and more openness was created humans grew curious and knowledge of the worlds became desired, unlike the supernatural world the physical world developed something called imagination, another fascination for our race. With questions came elaborate answers -and some of us myself included were not innocent in their development- of magical places these being went when their thoughts no longer existed, they began to believe they too would become spirit. Most of the higher sprits put no time to disprove these thoughts and before long new followings arose, ones called religion who no longer looked to the portals, we began a slow and unseen transition into folklore. Slowly the portals that allowed the worlds to coexists began to scab over and bridges became harder to maneuver for all but a few like myself. Explanations for the spirits were created and within a single families lifetime an extradition from the physical realm was laid by the humanity. 

The End

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