“Mable!” you cry, launching yourself into the Tailor shop.

Mable’s twin, Sandra, looks up and stops, mid-sentence when she sees your frantic face.

Another lady turns, short, choppy black hair swishing as she observes your eccentric manner with disdain. This new lady, one whom you’ve never seen in the town before, has deep blue eyes, shining like sapphires, but with less of the colour, and her lips are painted in a crimson colour that hints at black too. You can tell that this woman has, like Sandra, a regular beauty routine involving pencilling in her eyebrows.

She is wearing most of a business skirt-suit, but the blazer is in Sandra’s hands, a tear at the corner, and that is what they were deep in conversation about before you came charging into the store. After a minute of staring, the lady turns back to the counter.

“What is it?” Sandra says, arching her neat eyebrows at you. You look around for her sister but she is nowhere to be seen, and there is only one seamstress to look after the customers.

“I need a swatch of fabric-” you begin, before Sandra interrupts you.

“I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait. Mable is out and Aurora has some important clothing matters to discuss with me. I’m sorry, but you may take a look around the shop whilst you are waiting.”

“Aurora?” Even the name doesn’t ring any bells. Who is this stranger in front of you?

“Yes?” The lady turns, archly, and continues her surveying of you.

“Umm…I just didn’t recognise the name, that’s all…” you stutter as she stares at you.

“Well, you wouldn’t. I recently moved into the house over by the beach in the south of the town. I don’t know whether you know the place, but it has two orange trees out the front.”

You almost gasp; that was your Nan’s house!

However, you keep your mouth shut, and watch as Aurora turns back to Sandra, pointing to more blemishes on the blazer. You don’t know how long they’re going to be, but you settle down in the waiting-chair anyway. Your mind is racing, and not just because of the revelations of this new lady.

So, as Aurora goes over to a hidden pile of clothes on a counter beside you, you know that you have a couple of choices.

The End

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