You pack your bags as the evening draws in, dwelling you in restlessness. You quickly write a letter to Katy, but you know that she’ll be waiting for you tomorrow whatever happens. Whilst Jane is out posting it, you pace about the room, trying not to let the nervous impatience overwhelm you. Max is, you suddenly decide during your west route across the living room again, the right person to leave the organisation of events to, whilst Jane would be better at the physical, or communication side of things.

When Jane returns, you say your goodnight to them both, explaining some ideas that you have to improve the quality of life here. Then you tell them what you would like them to be in charge of once you are gone; the list goes on for a while.

Finally, as the night extends itself into spring darkness, you lie in your warm, thin-quilted bed and your mind settles surprisingly easily.


The morning dawns strongly through the weak curtains that adorn the shared bedroom of the flat. You are frozen with excitement, but the smell of bacon revitalises you. Jane’s in the kitchen!

She grins as you enter, and pushes a rasher onto a plate set out for you, along with a waiting piece of toast, coaxing you to it with the smell of melting butter. There are some luxuries that a family like yours can afford!

After breakfast (changed from the casual, and quick, moment to a full-blown, lengthy affair) you get yourself ready, and then gather your bags together. The day already seems to be rushing past...!

Eventually you stand at the town gate at the north-most point of your town, ready to cross the line and step into another. You have no idea if Katy is waiting, but you feel as though this is the right thing to do. No-one is here to see you off, not because you are not known or valued, but because you have made this decision so quickly and hardly anyone knows. Besides, you’ll be back home in a few days! Will you be missed? Probably. But for now, not even Jane or Max stand beside you; they don’t want to show that they’ll miss you, but by ignoring you so, they are doing the opposite. You’re only accompanied by the guard of the gate, a surly man who occasionally has the appearance of a pit-bull. All this makes you laugh, and you step out of the place with a grin on your bright face.

But suddenly you remember that you need a present to give to your host town! Dashing back inside the gate before the guard closes it, raising his eyebrows at your behaviour, you stand at the top you town, thinking. There isn’t much that you can quickly grab and carry the way to Katy’s town.

What should you take?

The End

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