My Dearest...

My Dearest…

You read on, expecting some soppy love-letter for one of the long-legged females in your home-town, like Maelle, or maybe even your best friend, Victoria, but instead your eyes widen as you scan the letter.

It’s for you.

It’s not from a man.

And, as you slow down and take to heart all the words you’re seeing, you see exactly who it is from. It’s from your mother.

I am so sorry I left you all, but I shall be coming back. I don’t know when, or how, but I will try and make it back to you all, especially since my mother has abandoned us, like I did to her and you all those years ago.

Give my love to Jane and Max; keep them in order as I know you will.

Your Mother.

It really is from her, that woman who abandoned your family! You don’t know what to think at first; pure anger sneaks through your emotions, followed by its sidekick of self-pity, but then love and justice walk hand-in-hand, asking you to rethink your ideas.

Instead of crumpling the paper, you smooth it out and tuck it into your pocket, now wanting, eagerly, for your mother to return home and claim her lost family once and for all. Just like a fairytale.  

You know that the right thing to do is to tell your siblings straight away, and get all of you ready to look out for her, but you want to keep this to yourself. You wander in the opposite direction to the beach, thinking deeply. So deeply, in fact, that you almost crash into one of your neighbours. Dodging the creature, you continue onwards, towards the many cottages that make up the population of this town (it’s is a very simple place, as Mr. Cooke likes to remind you with a sneer). You’re not in the mood for casual conversation, but soon you will be home, and this little bubble of fantasy about the return of your mother will be smashed with more than just a pop. Your siblings are bound to do that.

Now you stop. You don’t want to tell them, not yet. ‘The right thing’ sneaks into your head again and you are drawn between two very strong desires.

What to do…?

The End

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