To The Beach

The white sand is soft under your feet and you chuckle a bit at the glory of the sunshine that filters softly through the stereotypically-fluffy, white clouds and onto the waves that lap rhythmically onto the beach. Today is very fine and could promise good things for you. Today you feel like doing nothing.

Others arriving at the same spot as you on this day might be given the impression that town is consistently idyllic, but you are not fooled. Nevertheless, it’s nice to get a morning full of brightness and healthy glow.

In fact, gazing out to see, and feeling the shifting of the light sand under your feet, you suddenly have the urge to take off your shoes and socks. You toss them onto a wooden jetty nearby and let your feet soak in the sand. It’s neither too hot or too cold; just right enough to be walking barefooted along the beach.

Your mood brightens and you break into a light jog, leaping over the jetty which is a barrier that divides the other side of the beach away from you. The beach in your town, although not very long, stretches from one end of the place to the other and is often the perfect place to meet new people. You don’t today, but as you jog along, one foot twists on some object dug and the ground, and you fall, laughing nonetheless. The sand is the most welcoming safety-mat.

You begin to dig around in the sand at your feet, disregarding the grainy feeling that is rubbing the skin at the tips of your fingers, searching for what exactly it is that you tripped up on. Soon you unearth the culprit.

The shell you find hidden in the sand is similar to a small conch, peach in colour, and softly shining under your hands. It feels like polished plastic, yet it is certainly more fragile. At first, you think that it has a flat shape, but, turning it, you see the whirls that spiral the material out into a soft point.

The only difference this has to a conch sea-shell is that it does not have an opening. Slightly disappointed, you get up and start walking back to the jetty and your shoes, wondering what to do with this find.

The End

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