Fifteen pounds! For wallpaper? Instantly, you disapprove.

“That’s way too expensive,” you tell the woman, “You know that I myself am low on money, and I’d never buy something so unnecessary when there are debts to be paid!”

Melba looks at you with her large black eyes, now pools of sorrow.

“Oh, that’s such a shame…Toasty. I bet that your lovely sister, Jane, would have bought it from me in an instant. I know how much girls of her age love this sort of thing. I guess it’s not a trend that you would appreciate though, it is?”

She’s doing it deliberately to wind you up; trying to wear you down so you end up wasting you money, which would probably end up going towards a science experiment of Melba’s.

Of course, it doesn’t work.

“She wouldn’t dare buy if from you either!” You yell. “She knows, just as much as I do, that we are low on money!”

There’s not entirely true, as Jane can be rather wasteful with money, but you are so angry at Melba’s cheek that you don’t care if you bend the truth a little.

“Crikey, sorry!” Melba says, putting her hands up in defence to your angry attitude. “I was going to invite you to stay for some tea, but with those manners I shan’t! Spend your afternoon alone, you young delinquent!”

And with that, she pushes you out of the house and slams the door, leaving you to, indeed, spend you afternoon alone.

The rest of the day does not improve your mood; it starts to rain, spitting down large icy droplets from the frowning sky

You head home, irritated.

The End

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