The Left

You shoot at it from the left, but your aim is slightly off-centre, and the striped present tumbles into the water with a splash.

Horrified, at first you stand stunned and annoyed, but then, you start to notice how all the fish are swarming around the present, biting at the paper in order to break it off.

As one light ginger fish with long whiskers (even though it is hard to make out details under the water) tears off a large chunk of the wrapping-paper, you spot details of the gift underneath: it looks like a large ham.

Suddenly, you find yourself laughing. How silly you were to make such an ordeal out of trying to catch a piece of food! Even Mr. Cooke willingly gave out free food to families like yours!

Still chuckling, you kneel down to gaze at the beautiful- and fascinating- fish below, and start absent-mindedly swirling a finger in the water. A tickling sensation occurs and you watch as a fish, who has broken away from those gathered around the meat, attempts to nibble at your finger. Finally realising that you’re not edible, the fish sees you shadow and immediately turns and swims away. In fact, your shadow seems to have startled more than a few of the fish gathered around the remains of the parcel. So, you stand back up and watch, from a distance, as the fish return.

Well, there’s nothing that you can do now but head back home, is there?

The End

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