The Balloon

You stand watching the ruby balloon float lazily overhead, edging ever slowly out of reach. All curiosity aside, you realized that a priority needed to be sorted. A letter can be read any day, but as for a mysterious balloon… Well, that isn’t a recurring event here in this town.

But, now that you’re in reach of the balloon, you find that you have a problem. A problem that arises even though you have a slingshot with three smooth pebbles from the bank of the river.

The river is beautiful, crystal blue-green with a steady-paced current and the occasional dark shadows of fish as they swim with it. There’s a waterfall tumbling from the rocks at the high end of the town, and the water flows smoothly all the way through to the beach at its lower end. There is a huge array of plant and sea-life, which you enjoy attempting to collect and fish. Perhaps that’s the way to make your millions?

So, back to the problem: where should you shoot from?

Firing from right underneath would be the best place to pop the balloon, but it would be just as easy to miss from there too, and then you’d lose your chance.

From the right would be behind the path of the balloon, but firing from the left would be right in its path- yet both could be trouble if you miss.

So…? You must make your move. Remember, you only have three pebbles to fire.

The End

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