Your Best Friend's House

Your best friend is Victoria. She has rather odd features: a long face and a broad nose, wide-set eyes, and a broad forehead, all possible signs of her Hispanic background. She’s rather a skitterish creature, her mind wandering and worrying about if she looks nice or whether the make-up she is wearing is wrong. She not self-centred, that you know, just a little embarrassed at her unusual looks.

Today, when you knock and enter Victoria’s little bungalow, you can tell instantly that something is not right.

“Vic…?” You call into the darkness; no lights are on, but Victoria is known for saving energy, especially on a bright day like today.

You hear a cough from the bedroom to your right and you enter. Victoria is hidden under the thick duvet, but when you call softly, she pokes her head out. Her brown eyes are blood-shot and her nose is a bright red. In contrast, her face is sickly-pale.

“Victoria!” You call, running forward.

She looks up and coughs again, a harsh painful-sounding cough.

“What happened?” You ask.

“Just a cold, a headache, and a bug of some kind… I’ll be better soon.”

“I hope so! I need you up and healthy.”

“You sound like you’re employing me,” Victoria tries to laugh, but her voices breaks and becomes a series of coughs again.

“You lie still, okay,” You push her back down, “Is there anything I can do?”

“Hey, can you get me some medicine, please? I feel terrible...”

“Of course,” you say and exit the bungalow.

You must head towards the stores to buy some medicine but, at Cooke’s prices, it doesn’t come cheap. You don’t want to waste any more money. Then again, she’s your best friend, it should be your duty to help her. You could extort the compassion of someone else who would buy the medicine or lend you the money…but is that right?

You have a dilemma.

The End

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