Explore The Town

You walk along the tidy dirt path sometimes coming across a bigger junction that leads to an establishment in the town. To be honest, your town never has very much, but you’ve always loved its simple style and the way it is hidden off from the rest of the world. That’s the reason why there are never very many visitors here; to the say the town is ‘secluded’ is probably going a bit far, but it is rather small. Occasionally, your route leads you across the back-garden of a neighbour’s house, but you know that you’ve taken the quieter track in any case.

As you amble along, you pass many evergreen pines and a variety of broad fruit trees scattered across the village. There are scrumptious pears, juicy red apples, and bright oranges, to name a few. As you pass a tree, your hand shoots out and you quickly grab one of the hanging peaches, watching as morning dew trickles down its mottled, sunrise-pink skin. You bite it and revel in the fresh sweetness of natural life that bursts into your mouth.

Now, as your feet leave grotty grass and start to walk on some smart cobbles, you come to a large junction near your flat and the other flats of the area. You know, from many years of living here, that one way branches off into the more suburban area, the shopping quarter containing Cooke’s shop. Another way curves round to quieter places like the coffee shop, the old museum, and the small observatory. Finally, if you continue forward from where you currently are, and therefore crossing straight over the turns of the crossroads, you get the feeling that you’ll head to the end of the town, where luscious valley meets the end of land and pretty gold sand: the beach.

So, where are you most interested in heading?

The End

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