Talk To A Passing Neighbour

You hurry along the grass and dirt path that most of the village is consisted off, to see the pretty 20-something college graduate, Maelle wandering about. Her pale blue eyes are accentuated by make-up, and her dark brown bob makes her heart-shaped face even rounder and her dainty neck longer. Maelle is a dainty type of person overall, in appearance and nature. She has a shopping bag on one arm, but doesn’t seem to have a certain destination, and waves with her left hand as she sees you.

She smiles when you start heading towards her; she’s always had a sympathetic heart to your plight.

“Hey…” She mumbles softly as you approach, “Do you want this jumper that I’ve just bought. I thought it might look nice on me, but I recon it would look nicer on you.”

She passes out a soft, wool piece, a bubblegum pink with fruity citrus swirls scattered across the coloured fabric. You look at it in wonder; you’re not a fan of hand-downs but this jumper feels special and you don’t want to say no to such a lovely woman. After all, she has just bought it for you.

“I couldn’t…” you whisper.

Maelle smiles, “Just take it. If it doesn’t fit, just sell it, all profit going to you and the flat bill.”

“Hey, thanks Maelle. I’ll see you around some time?”

“Yeah, I’m going out of town tomorrow to visit some relatives, but I might see you around at Cooke’s sometime.”

And with that you skip away, happy.

Where next?

The End

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