Making Millions: It's Your Life

One day your Nan leaves town. The next...well, who knows?

“Your leaving, Nan?” you wail, “But what about us?”

“You’ll be fine,” she says in response, “Just pay the bills and everything else will sort itself out… After all, one of these days, a harebrained scheme of yours will work…”

That’s true. You have a habit of creating money-making schemes from your surrounds. But, it’s all because you need to; Mr. Cooke, the landlord, has recently raised the bill for the flat you are renting. You work for him too, at his local shop in the town, but it’s always ‘never enough’ as he says, droning on like an automaton. Anyway, you don’t like the shop, it’s small, dark and smelly, and never has enough features. You been asking for what feels like so long for Mr. Cooke to expand it, but every time he refuses with a laugh.

You’ve been a human with ideas about business ever since you were able to walk and talk- or so your mother would say. But, you don’t know her anymore. Your father died when you were three, and your mother walked out one day some years later, never to be seen again. Her mother took pity on you, and moved you into a flat in her small town, away from the hustle and bustle of everything. The town is even in a valley, with chalk cliffs peaking up into the sky. Apart from that, it’s a pretty ordinary village, with a wide collection of characters that interest you down to your blood. You like meeting new people.

Anyway, your Nan paid some of the rent until your tenth birthday, and since then, over those next years where she supervised from a distance, it was down to you and your siblings, wild-child Jane (a seventeen-year-old) and Max (a ten year-old). But now your Nan is leaving you all to survive this world without her!

You watch as your Nan walks to the taxi, dragging along her suitcase, and then turns and blows you a kiss. She slips her head into the vehicle and soon she’s completely gone from your site. You have to fend for yourself now. Not that you haven’t been doing that already.

But now, you suppose, the rest of your life starts at this minute.

So what to do with it?

The End

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