I hate everything about the boss

So the boss thinks I can use my blindness. I hate him and didn't call him back. He's lucky I'm blind or I would have gone over there and kicked his bloody ass. It was the weekend and I would have to go to school. I felt my face turn into a grimace. I won't know what I look like! I had to go to a doctors appointment to get soecial care. Gah! All I needed was to be able to scream...


School. Who would have thought it could be so painful? I walked in my stick prodding the things in front off me. It was very annoying. I felt the eyes of everyone on me. I needed my punching bag. Ah! I could go to the gym. I feel my way to it and walk in. I knew there was a punching bag in the room to the left. I walked to it and felt for the doorknob. I dropped the prodding stick took of my sunglasses, and I felt for the bag. I punched at it again and again. I heard the bell but I didn't stop. I tried my karate and I could still do it. Just not as good. I picked up the stick and went to my first class. It was gym. I heard the teachers voice. "So, we will be extremely nice to her" he was talking about me. "I don't think they should have to" I say. I feel the air being disturbed and know he's facing me. "Ya, well...um...ok let's get to the class! We are going to do wrestling. Any voluntires?" he asks. I lift up my hand, I heard people gasp and I shook my head. "Ok, Mist and...Jack" he sais gulping. Jack was too easy. I got up and dropped the stick onto the ground felt my way to the mat. "Your going down" sais Jack. "Ya, right" I say. "Ok...one, two...THREE!" sais the gym teacher. I feel Jack lunge and dodge him, I jump onto his back and pin him down. He struggles nd flips me onto my back. But I'm to fast I shoot up and lunge onto his back again this time put my arm around his neck. The gym teacher intakes his breath and sais thats enough. I get up and walk to the exact same place I had dropped my stick. "Oh my god, that girl is fricking creepy, did you see that, for gods sake she's blind!" I hear Jack say. I walk up behind im and say. "Boo!" He jumps around and looks at me dementedly. I take off my sunglasses and fix my eyes on where I guessed his face was. "She's not fricking blind!" he screams. "Hahahaha! Can you be so dumb! Of course I'm blind or I wouldn't know you we're moving slowly away from me making a big disturbance in the air" I say. As I said it I realised it was true. I could feel all the tiny movements like I was supposed to be blind. I feel him run away and everyone starts laughing. I sit down and listen. "Ok, so mist would you like to go against me?" asks who I think was Brian. "Sure" I say. He walks to the gym teacher and I hear him ask if we can wrestle. The teacher I think nods cause theres just the faintest disturbance in the air. Then Brian comes over and takes me by the arm. We walk to the mat and the gym teacher counts to three. So Brian was going to be harder. He lunges but feints just to grab me by the side. I flex and pin his arms around his back. But he's strong he grabs my hands and lays on me, all his weight. I kick up and contact his back he goes flying off me. But he comes back, I'm ready though I take his arms and put my arm around his neck pin him to the ground, and I start counting. But just when I thought I'd won, he jabs his elbow into my stomach. Now that hurt, but I ignore the pain and lunge at him again. Then dodge his swipes. He is so big that when he moves he makes a big disturbance in the air. I keep lunging at him but staying out of the way. Then when i hear panting I lunge again and bowle him over. The gym teacher sais it was I the winner. Thats when I notice people are clapping and whistling my name. Then the gym teacher sais it's the end of the class. I pick up the stick for prodding but find it doesn't help. I throw it into the garbage and focus on the disturbance of the air. It wasn't hard and I found my way to the drama class on time.

The End

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