Chapter Three - Home

 The house was beautiful. It looked like a cottage, but in the shape of a mansion. It had around four or five floors; it was very tall and wide. The walls were made of bricks that were painted a faded cream colour, and the wood finishings were all painted black. Out side the large window on the ground floor that looked into the large kitchen, there were a few flowers which brought more colour into the house.

 I turned to see my mum walking up into the large porch outside of the house with a roof that was wooden and painted out of black. She was beckoning for me to come to her.

 "Here's your keys. You should expect a house keeper to come round sometimes. I don't know much about anything-- someone will come to meet you today to talk to you. Remember to write e-mail and call as much as you can. And visit! Promise to visit!"

 "I promise." I said before hugging my sobbing mother.

 "Goodbye. Have a nice life. I love you!" she said. I nodded.

 "I love you too mum. Already missing you and the family. Goodbye!"

The End

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