Chapter Four - Whatever You Need

 I looked around the house, which took some time. I'd been there for a couple of hours before I'd actually seen everything I needed to. In the dining room was a huge dining-table made of some type of wood. Around it were a set of chairs made of the same material. There were four chairs. To the side of the table was a large T.V. complete with a Freeview box and a games console. My mother had obviously come here to make it more of a home for me.

 I walked into the front room which had a huge cream coloured settee facing the television which was bigger than the one in the dining room. The carpet was the same cream colour as the settee, and it was soft and furry. You could probably sleep on it with no pains or aches in the morning.

 But the main attraction of the room was a grand piano in the corner.  


The End

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