Making A Wizard

Connor. A teen who is a stereotypical moody teenager. He thought his life would be normal forever, but when he moves to Aspenden, he begins to have second, third and fourth thoughts about that.
At first, he thinks that he won't take to the countryside village well, but the villagers don't seem to mid his silentness and his awkward manner. But one man takes a particular interest in him. And one secret from tat man changes his life completely.


One look. That's all it takes for you to realise if someone is about to kill you. There are many of these looks; a derranged, 'not-all-there' look; a horribly furious look; maybe even a melancholy, grave look. But they all send out the same message. I'm going to murder you.

 I stared unseeingly over at the genteel, kind facade of a face that stared at me smiling. All my eyes could seem to see were his two, glaring crimson eyes. They were what let me in to the man's true emotion. The two red irises were sparkling with excitement; with anticipation. His smile didn't waver as he sauntered-- almost skipped-- toward me. To fight me. To kill me.

 I guess in the face of death, you feel fear, but you don't recogize it. Adreneline rush, if you will. But the thing that most people think about death; your life flashing before your eyes- that doesn't happen. Nothing happens. You feel nothing. It's like you might as well be dead anyway.

 But this man stalking me didn't have a look about him. But I knew. I just knew he was going to kill me...

The End

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