Making A confessionMature

A girl vampire named George has decided enough is enough ans she plans on seducing her friend of many years into sleeping with her and hopefully sharing his blood. Things get a (Lot) heated in a confessional booth.

The shadows filled the gothic cathedral as the sun set, lighting the stained glass with a blaze of rainbow colors. The chapel was somber, silent, and dark , but seemed to glow with holiness as Michael entered. He walked with purpose up the the pulpit, his soft vestments swishing around his ankles as he knelt. He made the catholic sign of the cross upon his heart. 

"Father, I thank thee for  this opportunity to do your great work." Michael rose silently as he made his way to the back wall emblazoned with his savior. He grabbed the annoyingly ornate lighting stick and matches. 'The Priest will be here soon I better get ready.'  He began lighting the candles in the room. As he lit them, one by one, he caught his reflection in the shiny silver candle stick. 

'WOW,  I've changed!'                                                                                                                                Today, he had turned eighteen years old. It was memorable moment, he was a man now and fully acknowledged by the chruch. He was eligible to take his vows and begin his final rights to enter Vatican Section IIV. Even his own body had recognized the change.  His body had grown lean and well defined muscles now rippled down his body. His shoulders had spread wide and worked strong.  The priests had beaten strength into his large hands, smooth toned abs, and lean back with the days of endless training.  His face had matured going from the adorable boyish round to the sharp strong striking angular jaw of a man. His eyes, once soft vibrant green, were dark emerald and had grown sharper and hid the knowledge of ages behind them from the book learning that they had also given him. But the one thing that made him look must like a man, was the small thin mustache that was beginning to grow upon his upper lip. He allowed himself to smile as he wondered if he should let it grow or shave it off.

"Let it grow," urged a female voice. That voice lilted and sang giggling darkly. the  sin and  mischief dripping off of it to surround Michael. "Just keep it well trimmed. I don't want you getting too prickly.." Michael felt that last bit of the sentence be whispered against his neck. The Young man span on his heels his reflexes quick and laser acurate. He was greeted with the eerie glow from the candles and the dancing rainbows from the glass. Michael froze in his tracks, listening to his heart thrum in his chest. 

"Hmm, a very nice rhythm and I can dance to it."  He felt a hand run down the center of his spine and he, truly out of character for someone so well trained, jumped and almost dropped the lighter.

"Careful now, you don't want to burn down the church." That seductive chuckle soon became physical as the shadows solidified. 

There she stood, her blonde hair obscuring her entrancing red eyes. Her hands planted strikingly on her wide hips. They seemed to slide, very distractingly, along the shredded pleated skirt. It was almost obscenely short and covered red fishnets. Micheal gulped, swallowing a large lump in his throat as his brain was relocated far south.  He looked up trying to find George's face again, but only managed to make it to a tight white button down shirt. However, the buttons were neglected to tie just under her ribs leaving her spectacularly toned stomach on proud display.       George grinned up at  him, her fangs peeking out from under her smoothe pale face. Her every move was hypnotic and designed to ruin his pure and holy mind. Her muscles seemed to melt and remold as she walked. 

 "Thought I should dress the part, since I was visiting a catholic. "                         Michael was distracted by the skirt swaying as George seemed to glide across the room.  Only George could make a Catholic School girl uniform look that good. Then she was gone, seeming to just step out of view like an after image fading.  


Michael looked around, but saw no one.  The candles that he had lit already were giving the room a glow that seemed to flicker and make George  appear and dissapear.  Michael span, trying to follow her dancing image, but he never really saw George. He soon gave up as he knew that she could be hiding in anyone of the shadows that filled the room. She was a vampire after all. But the priest would be here soon, so he went back to lighting the candles.

"Need help?"                                                                                                                                                 Suddenly, every single candle in the chapel was lit all at once, filling the room with blinding flickering light. George snickered, as she wrapped her arms around Michael's waist. "Damn you got tall, didn't you?" 

"George, you can't be in here." Scolded Micheal. He blushed as George giggled at him.  Michael tried, and failed, to ignore how close her hands were to very very distracting parts of his body. 

"Why," George crooned, inching her hands down the front of his pants, far below his belt, just to be evil. 

"Because I'm giving my final confession tonight. I have to have a clear concious so I  can take my vows tomorrow," he told her, He summoned his years of training and will and  pushed her strong feminine hands away from his crotch.

"Psst, a sweet little choir boy like you?  What the hell could you possiblely have to confess?" George joked, as she tightened her hug and put her hands back at the level of his crotch.                                                                                                                               She was very pleased that the years had been good to Michael. Her Catholic candy boy was looking more and more delicious every minute. Not to mention the fact that now, not only was he candy, but he was chocolate liquor and George was of a mind to get drunk. 

"I still have to do it though. Now go, before someone sees you."

"Do YOU want to see me?"  George let her finger brush over the very center of his stupidly loose robe. 

Michael wanted her to leave, no, he needed her to not be here  so he wouldn't get in trouble; but standing here as she was, literally tickling his pickle, he really didnt' want her to go. For some reason, he always like having her around. Having her around made him feel good. And by God, she looked good too. The image of her entry flashed before his mind again. George was still short for her age, but her toned and physically trained body were still a sight to behold.  Those strong arms, those slender gymnast powerful legs that could kick a grown man through a wall, those succubus deadly eyes, and her ... pert round busom which was supiciously bouncy all made for quite a compelling argument to tell the father coming to perform his final confession to go take a long dip in the baptismal.. George wasn't big like Rebecca, but her firm and just big enough for his hands breasts were definately suited her body. Micheal smiled at her. It gave her a very atheletic look, lean and suple like a cat; but those swaying hips were full and proud perched on top of those shapely legs. 

'Damn' it stop thinking about her legs already! Well you could go back to her breast those were quite interesting.' Michael's overly active imagination supplied. 'Get thee behind me Satan.'   

"I've been behind you the whole time Micheal," teased George. "I know what you're thinking; go ahead, I look really hot in your mind."                                                                     Michael cleared his throat as he hid his smile.

 "Come on George, you have to go. If they find you here..."

"Micheal...," came the wheezing aged voice of the priest slicing through the mood like a rotary saw.  

"It's Father Angelo. Hurry up and dissapear." Michael urged , the lust glaze fading from his eyes to be replaced by white washed fear. 

"Oh, alright."                                                                                                                                                   George relented , with a frighteningly coy smile,  disappering in thin air.

Michael let out a deep sigh of relief as Father Angelo approched him. The wise old Man-of-God nodded respectfully his cane tapping on the marble floor. 

"Are you alright Micheal, I thought I heard voices."

"I'm fine, Father. I'm just excited."

"I'll just  bet you are." snickered George, in Michael's ear. Michael started nearly tripping on his long robe as he followed the hobbling priest. 

"I'm  sure you are, young man.  This is a big step in your life. You will finally be taking your vows tomorrow." Father Angelo smiled, his wrinkles peeling back subtracting five years from his face. "I'm very proud of your progress and so are the other fathers. They know that you will do great things in the future. You really are blessed my son."

"I'll be the judge of that!' George whispered, licking Michael's ear. There was something about them so addorable, especially when they turned red as she nibbled at them.  

"Didn't I tell you to leave?'

"No, you said 'Hurry up and dissapear', remember." 

"I don't know about that,"  Michael croaked trying to ignore George, apparently following them from the shadows somewhere. "But I will certinally try. I want Father Anderson to be proud of me."

"Hm," said Father Angelo, looking around. "I thought it would take you longer to light the candles. You're certainly very efficient." 

"Thank you father, Is your knee bothering you today? " 

"Yes, years of work takes it toll when you're in your fifties, my boy. But enough of worrying over an old man."

'Yeah, Mikey, you have something much  BIGGER, at least I hope, to be worrying over." 

"Then shall we begin?"Father Angelo offered , as he opened the confessional for Michael. 

"NO!" Michael barked at George. Father Angelo just raised an eyebrow. 

"Is there a problem Michael?" 

'Yeah , Candy-Boy is there a problem?'

'George, please?"  Michael immediately regretted that choice of words as he felt a decidedly non playful grip in the front of his robe. 

'All You had to do was ask Michael.' 

Father Angelo stepped inside of the covered box for the final confession and sat down. 

"George stop it, I need to do this." Michael muttered quietly, as he opened the other door to the confessional.This was finally it. Just one more formality and then his vows.

"Father, I ask for pennance and recognition of my wrongdoings. Intercede for me and help me combat my enemy." 

'Enemy and here I thought we were such good friends." George pouted playfully, as she seemed to just appear on Michael's lap. "You don't really want to take your vows do you?"   George grinned, as she crossed her legs settling rather confortably on Michael's lap and making her skirt ride up rather enticingly.  

Michael glanced down at just the right moment, and was instantly made aware that George was not into underwear. Michael could feel George gliding against him as she wiggled in her improvised seat. Michael paniced and he accidently banged his head against a wall in the tightly enclosed confessional. 

"Are you OK, Micheal?" wondered Father Angelo. "I know you've gotten tall, but you shouldn't be having any trouble sitting down."

"Sitting down, no." snickered George, as she played with Michael's thick brown hair. "Keeping it down...yes."

"Yes, Father, I just hit my knee on" 

"That wasn't your knee." Michael gasped as George rolled her hips grinding against him. Michael no longer needed to breathe as electricity ran through him. "Yep, I was right, definately not your knee. Oh, I guess you can confess your lying." George chuckled, as Micahel burned red Invisible to the priest behind the blinders. 

"Leave." growled Michael.

"Shh." urged George, as she put her hands around his neck. She twisted pulling the tiny shirt up higher as she playfully smiled at him. The lusty bedroom grin was misplaced on George's still admitedly childish fairy features.  "We don't want him hearing, now do we? Just think to me. I'll hear you."

Michael pursed his lips and thought at George.

"Please leave."


"Why not?"

"Because I haven't given you a birthday present yet."

"Can't you give it too me later?"

"I could, but it's  sooooo much fun giving it to you now."

"So give it to me and begone."

"Ok." smiled George, with wicked glee. "However, pants really are going to kind of ruin it so... "

Michael felt a strange breeze under his robe as George turned her blazing red eyes on him. His heart stopped in his throat when he realized that George had unzipped his pants. He was trying not to concentrate on that when George took him completely by surprise. That's when George Hellsing kissed Michael Claymore. Not just any kiss, not a peck or a "glad to see you friend" kind of kiss; but a full blown liplock, full of passion. George layed it on him melting away all of his principals and all of his silly reservations with that 'I want to be with you and screw you sideways and upside down kiss'.

"I warn you, I'm about to make you lose your religion Michael and you're going to like it."  told George, as she pushed aside his vestial reinments to uncover his manhood.                                                                                                                                                         Micheal lost his breath and his mind went fuzzy, relocating to where his pants should have been. His heartbeat sped as the promise of something exciting sent it into overdrive. A quivering that he was unused to began to rock him, as his penis started to move. That was until he heard Father Angelo's voice and like a bucket of cold water, Micheal was brought back to his senses.

"Shall we begin, Michael?" asked Father Angelo.

Michael pushed George away And she giggled as she commically fell to the ground. 

"Yes, Father." answered Michael, as he wiped away George's kiss with the back of his hand.

"Well then my son, what would you like to confess."

"His lust." snickered George.

"Shh, George."

"Did you say George?" questioned the old priest, hoping to God that he wasn't about to confess that he was gay.

"Um, Yes Father. There is this girl that I've been having impure thoughts about."

"Screw thoughts, I want action Candy-Boy."  

Michael automatically wished he hadn't relocated George to the ground. He looked down and saw that She took full advantage of being convenience sized and grinned up at him from between his legs. 

"I like this view."  commented George giving  Michael a toothy grin, as she pointed to his obvious erection standing to salute her.

This said, George kissed Michael again. Only this time, She planted a soft butterfly kiss on the very head of his  penis. 'Hmm, you still remind me of candy Mikey?" 

God, he wanted her to stop before he got in trouble; but...her kisses were so passonate and full of fire, that they set him ablaze. And even though it was wrong, he couldn't bring himself to push her away.

"Oh Don't mind me Mikey, I'm just having a snack down here feel free to continue with your Priest friend. I think he's trying to impart some wisdom." 

George bowed her head  and ran her tongue along the length of his shaft. She hummed gently sending a shocking vibration through the engorged flesh between Michael's legs.  Michael shivered as he felt that skilled silk tongue travel back up towards his second head. George grinned as he sucked in a tortured breath.

"Well my boy, you're eighteen, a young healthy young man. So I guess that isn't uncommon. I wasn't always a priest. I was young too. This is something You will have to pray over. " he chuckled, in a good natured and fatherly way. "However, the bible does warn us about the lusts of the eyes and the flesh."

"Oh GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD." Michael muttered, shoving a hand over his mouth. 

"Heh, he's praying alright father." chuckled George, her light laughter tickling him and sending such stimulating sensations though his body. Never before had he felt such...pleasure. Bolts of euphoria shooting into his brain and making him lose all his senses, but one.

"You have to focus on looking through the eyes of faith and not the eyes of man. It will be difficult and no one says you won't fall, but you must have the strength to pick youself up." 

Eyes? Yeah right, the eyes of faith.  Had Father Angelo ever seen George's eyes. They were dangerous, and playful, and bewitching, and red like sapphires in the morning sun. 

"Yes Father, she has the most incredible eyes."  Michael croaked, looking down at George still licking him like an all day sucker.  'How the hell can this feel so good? I mean she isn't even sucking on it."  

"Aww, thanks, Mikey, I like you too, And what else do you like about me?" asked George, playfully. She ran her lips over the tip of his dick carefully peeling back the fore skin as she went from just licking to very delicate stroking. "You might as well tell him everything."

"And her lips are so soft and her breasts are...."

George just giggled with sinful glee as she ran her fingers along his shaft.  'If you want to see them, then just get rid of the obsticle. You have two free hands, mine are kind of busy.  To prove her point, she  gave his balls a squeeze. 

Micahael reached forward, not believing what he was about to do, and carefully untied the shirt hiding George's chest from him. The chaste orbs popped free, bouncing slightly, but Michael was entranced as he gazed hungrily upon them. George's breasts reminded him of two ripe and juicy peaches. His thoughts betrayed him as he thought about tasting them.

"They're perfect." he gasped, as his mouth began to dry.

"Yes, uhm,  well, I'm sure they are." chuckled Father Angelo. He really couldn't fault the boy. He had heard hundreds of confessions with much the same theme. "But Michael you musn't dwell on them." 

"You're right Father, I don't want to dwell on them. There are other things that I want to dwell on."

"Oh dear. Michael I'm afraid you're going to have to forget this girl if you're going to take your vows tomorrow."

"Don't you wear a bra?" he wondered, as he groaned with passion at the sensual pleasure that George was giving him. "Oh, yes. Oh yes, Ah."

"Don't have to. They're not that big." George stopped her pumping and crawled up Michael's body again. She straddled him, looked him in the eye, and grinned. " See, they are nice and perky. I just kind of wish they were bigger though."

"They're fine. Just the way the are."

"Don't....dont' ...don't think I'll be able to forget her." said Michael, growing more and more anxious by the minute, As George licked along his color bone. She drug her tongue along Mchael's quivering skin. She had to admit, she was impressed. He was holding out incredibly well.

"Not after tonight you won't." chuckled George. George reached down as she nibbled along his chest before engulfing one of his nipples.  She felt him hiss as she swirled her tongue around it. Soon her hand resumed it's pumping somehow matching the rhythm her tongue was using on his nipple. 

"Holy shit George!"

"Hey, that's my line." snickered George. "My God, you are a big boy, aren't you. Thank you lord."

"George, don't blaspheme."

"Its not blasphemy to be thankful, Michael. After all the bible encourages us to be all things."

"Damnit George, I can't...."

He didn't finish because that's when George Hellsing put her mouth around his manhood and started sucking on it. 

"Oh god...."

 "Michael, I'm sure that this girl is very special, but..."

"Oh, you have no idea Father."                                                                                                               The combination of George sucking on him and the fear of them being caught drove Micheal's senses over the limit as more and more blood raced down to his penis. His blood felt like fire in his veins and the pleasurable pain of an ever hardening head made him shake.

"But in order for you to take your vows tomorrow, you'll have to forsake all wordly thoughts and wants and needs."

"My thoughts are in tormoil right now Father. I want her to stop..."

"No you don't." thought George, as she licked his shaft.

"But I need her...ah, oh, oh...oh so badly."

"I'm sure that you think you do. But in time you will forget her. You will have more pressing matters on your mind." stated Father Angelo, as he patiently counseled his favorite young acolyte to be.

"Specking of pressing matters." giggled George, as she squeezed his balls.

"Oh, George!" screamed Michael under his breath. "Father sometimes I just want to kill her and other times I just want to"

"To what?"

"Sin her brains out." said Micheal, as he gently placed his hands on her head and started to make her deep throat him.

Michael really was a big boy and George had trouble sucking him all down; but it was a trouble that she was happy to live with. She was finally getting to eat her Catholic Candy Boy. Micheal couldn't believe he was doing this...and during the chapel. He was sure that he was gonna burn in hell for this, but right now...he didn't really care. This feeling of euphoria was too good to let go and he didn't want it to end. Suddenly, he came to a head (literally) and he came right in George's mouth. 

"Oh, god. I'm gonna burn in hell for this."

"Then I'll introduce you around." laughed George, as she finished licking his cum off his penis.

"Sin her brains out." chuckled Father Angelo. "That's a new one. But I understand what you mean. These feelings of yours are natural and carnal in nature. When you take your vows you must put aside and control all your carnal lusts. The Lord's work must be your only desire."

"Father, putting her aside...isn't going to be easy." 'espeically when she's sitting right in my lap.'

"Well, my knees were beginning to hurt." chuckled George. "Besides, it's my turn. Isn't there something that you've always wanted to do?"

Michael blushed bright red.

"Do it." said George, as she looked him right in the eye.

Michael motioned for George to straddle him and she did. Then holding her waist with is left hand, he looked into her eyes as his right hand slowly and causiously slid up her skirt. Touching her in such a private way made his heart race faster in antisipation. Only one finger at first. Micheal smiled boyishly, unable to look her in the eyes as he stroked George's maidenhood. 

"Quite playing around, my cherry boy. Do it like you mean it."

Micheal smirked at her and then inserted three fingers into her. Slowly, but firmly, he stroked her and stroked her; stoking the fires within George's center Soon, he fingers began to get wet as he purposfully stroked her flesh. George ground herself against his fingers and leaned back. She rested her elbows against the prayer ledge in the confessional and leaned all the way back. Michael wondered if he should do this.

"Do it. This may be your only chance before your vows." urged George.

George balanced herself on the ledge and spread her legs for him. He smiled and then leaned forward. He ran his hands along her legs, caressing them as he pushed her pleated skirt up to her waist. Michael couldn't help but swallow the lump in his throat as he had full view of George's womanhood. He took a deep breath and then gently blew on George's lovely pink flesh. George sighed with lustful pleasure as Micheal's cool breath stimulated her.

“Michael, let me read you Job 31. If my heart has been seduced by a woman, or if I have lusted for my neighbor’s wife, For lust is a shameful sin, a crime that should be punished. It is a fire that burns all the way to hell."

"I don't want to go to hell, father. But she feels so good. inside."

"I'm not taking you to hell." snicked George. "Im going to show you heaven." 

"What?" gawked Father Angelo, a bit surprise by what he thought he heard.

"Makes ME feel so good inside. I just want to be with her."

"Or perhaps Matthew 5:29. So if your eye causes you to lust, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell."

"Good greif, this guy wants to castrate you." laughed George. 'Are you sure you want to become a priest?"

But Micheal wasn't listening to either of them anymore. He was busy. He was licking George and trying to be as quiet as possible while doing it. Up and down like licking a summer ice cream cone, he licked George's secret doors. Soon her grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to his face. George's eyes rolled back and she sighed with great satisfaction. A low growl of lust escaping her as Micheal dove his face into her and licked her hidden pearl. George couldn't believe how hot he was making her. She could feel her juices flowing like water from a burst pipe as Micheal ate her. The amount of sensual pleasure that exploded in George's brain as she came, sent her vampiric senses into overload. 

That's when she pushed Micheal back and again sat in his lap. 

"Stand up." ordered George.

"Stand up?" qustioned Father Angelo.

"I should stand up for what is right." covered Micheal, as George pulled his pants down to his ankles." 

"Yes, my son. As you take your vows, you will learn that not all problems can be easily solved."

"This one can." laughed George, pushing him back into a seated position.

For that Michael gave George a sharp slap on her left buttocks. George just looked at him in surprise. She didn't think he that he would be bold enough to do that, but she was glad that he did. This proved just how much he was willing to play.

"What was that?" asked Father Angelo.

"I was just swating a pest." said Michael. "You were saying Father."

"Now what was I saying?"

"Something about being easy." snickered George.

Michael spanked her again.

"Another pest?" questioned Father Angelo. "Maybe we should have the exterminator come in."

"I'm already here." chuckled George. "And im going to exterminate his virginity." Michael bucked up as the cold seat touched his ass. But George pushed him back down.

"Don't worry about it being cold. In a minute, you won't even notice."

George again sat in Michael's lap. His manhood pressing against her golden doors.

"My my, you are very hard."

"And you are very soft." he smiled, as he caused his manhood to rub up against her.

Both George and Michael felt very very good as George's juices coated Michael's cock.

"Ah, yes now I remember. Michael, my boy, sometimes in life there will arise situations that will require a cool head amist a termoil. As an Iscariot, you will be required to slay your enemies without relucatance or remorse."

"Are you ready to die, heathen?"

George just raised an eyebrow at him in playful mirth.

"I will slay you with my mighty sword."

At this George had to laugh.

"Something funny, Michael."

"No father, I was just thinking about how much fun it will be to show people the way to God."

"Yes, through the grave." snickered George.

Micheal frowned at her and pulled her roughly into his lap. His hardened pike spearing her maidenhood and tearing a hole in it. George grabbed Michael's head in her arms and held him close as he slid up futher into her. Then she bit his ear.

"What  are you doing?" 

"Taggin my property."

"Then that means I can tag your ass."

Michael then grabbed George's great hips and begain thrusting into her. Sensual pleasure exploding in them both like fireworks.

"Well, Michael its not that we take pride in killing people. We are saving their damned souls from hell. We must never forget that these poor souls were once people."

"Yes, Father."

"But that doesn't mean that we should be gentle with them either. Their evil ways are what brought them to this end and we must deliver the Lord's justice with a vengence."

"Yes, Father. With a vengence."  said Michael, thrusting up into George again. "You'd better hold on George, I'm about to take you for a ride."

Michael wasn't listening anymore as Father Angelo droned on and on about the seriousness of the office that Micheal was about to undertake. He was far too busy enjoying the feel of his penis gliding inside of George as it slid in and out of her folds. He relished the taste of her tongue dancing with his as he kissed her. He thust up again with great force and something snapped in George. Her eyes went fire red and she roared with lust inside Michael's mind. She stopped kissing his and cut neck with her claws. Then she kissed him vampirically. The resounded waves of animal pleasure threw Micheal over the edge of Lust and he threw his pious nature out the window as he ground into George harder and faster.                                                                  George didn't drink much from Michael. She didn't want to weaken him. But his virgin blood was too good to give up and this would be the last time that she got to drink it. Michael's suddenly upward thrust drew George's attention away from his delicious blood and back to other matters. George bounced in Michael's lap as his strong and powerful legs pushed his cock ever futher into her. She grabbed his huge broad shoulders to steady herself and then she rode him like a prize stallion.


George may have had small breasts, but the bounced ever so well. Michael reached up his left hand and stroked her left breast. He fondled it, twisted it, and sucked on it. He nipped it with his teeth and gave it a gentle pull. But now his senses were coming to a climax and he was ready to come. He grabbed George's ass with both hands and piledrove her pussy like a jackhammer.


Michael's improved speed was making George hotter and wetter, as her jucies flowed to compensate for the friction of Michael's hard cock against her quivering inner walls.

"Michael, you have to come..." said Father Angelo.

Michael was surprised by what he heard.

"I do?"

"Yes, you do." chuckled George.

" an understanding." continued Father Angelo.

"Oh god, I understand Father. I understand that this girl is gonna ruin me."

"Trying my best to." Snickered George, as she gave him another passion filled kiss, tongue and all.

"Are we back to that again, Michael? I thought we had gotten past all that."

"No, sorry father. Never left. But I am coming." 

"So am I. Come Michael, give me all you've got."

Michael did and with one last magnificent thrust, his semen burst forth and rushed into George. Michael's buttock in a tight squeeze as he fed George everything he had. Soon his muscles relaxed and he collasped, resting against the wall.\

"Coming to what?" asked Father Angelo.

"Coming to understand that I will never love another." said Michael, loving stroking George's hair, as she lay spent upon his broad chest.

"But Michael God must be your first love."

"Then I guess I can't take my vows tomorrow."

"Michael, think about this seriously. This girl isn't worth your immortal soul."

"Seriously...yes she is."

"Michael, I want you to spend the night in prayer."

"I'd rather spend the night in her bed." smirked Michael as George. Then he said aloud. "Yes, Father."

"Good. Sleep on it and in the morning we will do this again before you take your final vows. I understand your natural desires for we are men, but you must have your mind made up to serve God and not yourself. Do you understand?"

"Yes Father."

"Good, pray now and I'll see you at dinner."

"Oh god..." George looked up into Michael's eyes.

"Started praying already, Mikey?"

"No, I was just going to ask him a question."

"Then continue. I would love to hear the answer."

"Oh God, why do you torture me with George Hellsing?""Torture? Now there's an idea." smiled George, as she took her school tie and tied Michael's hands.




The End

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