Makenzie is an average 15 year old school girl who deals with everyday problems, such as having to put up with Grace Walters.

 The way he smiled at me across the classroom was strange. It was almost as if he was staring right past my face and into me. It was unnerving. I could see the hatred in his emerald green eyes. He was never obvious when showing emotion, that was just the way he was. But today, it couldn’t be more obvious.

I felt a cold chill run down my back just as Grace Walters walked into the room. She ran her hand through her crimson coloured hair, keeping her eyes glued to Chase Bromser the whole time. She winked at him, before continuing to walk to her seat. Chase didn’t seem surprised at all.

Mr. Griddle was our Maths teacher today. He was tall and skinny with wide eyes that made him look like a lost kitten. He had a small amount of grey stubble and a voice that didn’t suit his appearance at all, it didn’t mimic his mouth as he spoke, it was as if it wasn’t his own.

I could hear someone’s ipod  blaring a Brittney Spears song, but that didn’t distract me from what I saw Chase doing. He was lobbing little paper balls at the window behind Grace. She had noticed, and picked one up. She opened it, and read it. She giggled and blew a kiss to him. Chase went as red as a tomato, what did the note say? I turned away trying to concentrate on what Mr. Griddle was writing on the whiteboard. He was humming a peaceful tune and smiling at the board as if it would smile back.

Mr. Griddle wrote in purple marker and his writing was the cursive type, sometimes hard to understand. As I copied down the sums from the board, I couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit curious about what that note said.

The End

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