Make the Most of Now

Fiona had the time of her life as she was a child. She had the perfect friends up until the day she had to leave her childhood and move into the real world.
Having to leave her best friend was the hardest thing she had ever done. Would she be able to cope without Jake? The one person who truly understands her, and the one
person she had fallen in love with.
A Short Story meant to remind all you readers about the bliss times we all had during our childhood.


A/N: This story is supposed to remind you of precious childhood memories and of friends that you have lost, but have left foot prints on your heart. True friends stay with you forever. This story was not meant to be some cheesy romance, but it was meant to make you remember the good old times. Please ignore any typos or grammatical errors because I am still just learning =)

Thanks for taking the time to actually read my short story. You do not know how much I appreciate it.

Make the Most of Now

A Short Story

I stared at the gates blankly, trying to convince myself this was not my last day in Year 7. I was trying not to face the inevitable. This was actually my very last day in Year 7 and there was nothing that I could do about it. This was the day I would leave all my friends and join some other school. This was the day I would leave Jake.

In most countries, High School starts in Year 7, but Australia was different. Primary Schools ended in Year 7 and High School started in Year 8. Unlike most Year 7’s, I was 13 instead of 12. Due to some really wacky law, I was put down a year because I was born after June. I missed out in being a Year 8 by only a few months, but I was glad I had. I wouldn’t have met Jake, or all these other friends.

I bit my lip, trying not to get all teary. I wish this day would never end. I didn’t want to leave my friends at all, in particular, Jake.

“Fiona!” called the familiar, boyish voice.

I turned around and saw the familiar Latino, with his black curly hair and tanned skin, walking up to me. “Come here, Fi...” Jake’s voice trailed off when he saw my expression. “Hey, no need to get all teary. Make the most of now, hey?”

Jake could always tell what was wrong, and always knew how to help. He tucked the stray strands of my strawberry blonde hair behind me ear before taking my hand as we walked through the gates for the last time. Since this was only Year 7, people immediately assumed Jake and I were together. I tried hard not to roll my eyes at how judgemental and immature some of the people at this school were. All because Jake and I were practically joined at the hip didn’t mean that we were dating.

Or so I thought.

“Hey Fiona!” called one of my best friends, Lilly. “Looks like you and Jake should make the most of now since it’s your last 9 hours together,” she advised. Lilly was one of my only friends who was going to the same High School as me. I was glad that I had at least one friend to accompany me in High School.

“That was what I said,” muttered Jake under his breath, as if he was talking to himself.

“What was what you said?” I asked, unsure of what Jake was talking about.

“You don’t need to do rocket science to remember I was telling you to ‘make the most of now’ less than 10 minutes ago,” he teased.

I rolled my eyes and walked up to class.

Another thing about Year 7 being in Primary School was that each grade was split into 2 and had only one class each for the whole year. We didn’t have a teacher for each subject. We only had one teacher for the whole year.

Jake was Mr Beverly’s pet. He always got straight A’s and was always the most organised in class. Today was entirely different. Jake barely paid attention to Mr Beverly due to his attempts in making me laugh. Of course, he succeeded. Though Mr Bev was strict, he understood what it was like to be leaving all your friends. The teacher continued to ignore us before finally giving up and saying: “That’s it! I am sick of being the goody good teacher. Go muck around. Free play day or whatever you want to call it.”

The class erupted into cheers and everyone started talking.

“Wow. Mr Bev must be having a great day!” said Jake.

“Definitely not better than ours!” I exclaimed. I had to admit, this was one of the best days with Jake. We barely ever touched and today we were holding hands.

Lilly ran out of class and later on came back with a CD player and put some music on. The teacher didn’t care. He simply smiled at us and took photos. I wondered if I would ever be able to see those pictures when I was older.

Jake and I pushed all the chairs and desks to the side of the room and then we started dancing like idiots. Soon enough, all of our class was singing “BABY! BABY! BABY! WOOOH!” Despite that Jake loathed Justin Bieber (like the rest of the boys in our class) he decided to join in with a mocking voice of a little girl.

When a slow song came on, the boys moaned loudly and started talking. Jake and I decided to dance.

“Do you know how to waltz?” he whispered.

“Heck no! But let’s pretend,” I giggled.

At that moment, my eyes were momentarily blinded from a bright flash. Mr Beverly had taken a photo of us, a photo I wished to see some day.

Overall, the day was brilliant. Mr Bev actually cut us some slack, which he literally never did. It was the final bell that made my world go upside down.

This is it, I thought. It’s all over. Everything.  The day started with laughter and joy, and now it was time for the farewells.

“Cya next year!” said Lilly as she walked off in a hurry. At least I had Lilly, I reminded myself.

I hugged some of my other friends, who were tempting me to cry with their own tears. When they were all gone, I sat down and simply waited for Jake.

“Fi! There you are,” called a boyish voice.

Oh no. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to say goodbye. I don’t want to lose Jake. I don’t want to lose his optimistic views towards everything and his sarcasm.

Jake came up next to me and sat beside me on the bench. I avoided his gaze, trying not to show how devastated I was on him leaving.

“Come on Fi. It’s our last day and now you’re avoiding me,” he said with a gentle but hurt tone.

I turned up to look at him, and saw something in his eyes I never noticed before: deep affection and care. But what hit me hard was the little hint of love in his eyes. To my surprise, Jake cupped my face and pulled me into a passionate kiss. The kiss was so overwhelming that I could only kiss back. A tear rolled down my cheek at how touching this moment was. My best friend was kissing me in our final minutes together.

When he pulled away, he had a sad smile on his face.

“Don’t worry Fi,” he said. “I will come back for you some day.”

With that he left me there, crying. He left me to spend High School alone, and he left me waiting.


Five Years Later

A lot had changed from that day. I was more dedicated to school work than ever. Lilly always lectured me about cutting some slack. Even though I was ecstatic to have a friend all the way from Year 1 till now, I still wanted my Jake back. Lilly never noticed how much I missed Jake. Sometimes, I myself never noticed that I was missing Jake.

My first day at Uni was like my first day at Kindergarten and High School. All I knew was that there were going to be new experiences in stall for me. Maybe I would find the one despite that all my previous boyfriends never worked out. Maybe I should just forget Jake instead of expecting him to pop up out of nowhere.

As per usual, Lilly and I ate lunch together. Lilly was rambling on about something I couldn’t care less about when she stopped in mid sentence, her eyes going wide as she stared at something behind me.

“Did you miss me?” called a voice ever so familiar. A voice that made me drop my spoon and slowly turn my head around, too scared to face who was behind me.


When I finally managed to face him, he was there. Literally there! And he was wearing a badge that had the Universities logo on it. He was going to be here throughout the entire 4 years of Uni! I thought he was gone forever, I thought he had forgotten about me. But he hadn’t. A tear slowly made its way down to my chin, a tear of pure joy.

Jake was obviously more muscular and his childlike face was now handsome. Though his boyish voice was now husky, I could still recognise it. His hair, however, was still curly black like it always used to be.

“Jake!” I exclaimed, not believing my eyes.

“Hey there, Fi,” he said with a wide grin on his face.

I jumped up and hugged him, kissed him, and cried even harder. It was like old times. From then on, we were joined at the hip all over again, but this time, we would be joined forever.


18 Years Later

Jane and Alexander were crouched over an old photo album they had found in their class. Despite that they were siblings, they had both been put into the same class with no other than Mr Beverly. They quickly turned the pages, finding nothing that interested them except for one picture.

“Who do you think that girl and that boy are?” asked Jane as she brushed the dust off the page.

Alexander, who was the smarter of the siblings, observed the picture intently. “Well that boy looks Latino. And they both seem to like each other a lot.”

Jane nodded, her black curls bouncing as she did so. “I agree. I mean, why else would they be dancing together?”

They sat in silence for a little while, trying to find the story behind the picture.

“I wonder who they are,” Alexander said, repeating Jane’s previous question.

Mr Beverly, who had been looking over their shoulders, startled them both by answering the question.

“By Year 7, I thought you kids would be smart enough to figure out that you are staring at your own parents!”

The End

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