Make Me Bleed: Ch. 1Mature

Keith saw me and pulled me into his arms at once.

"Are you okay?" his soft voice asked.

I shook my head.

"What happened?"

"I did something bad." I sobbed.

Keith kissed my head.

"It'll be okay, I promise." he comforted me.

His promise didn't make mew feel any better, I knew that nothing I did would ever be better. I did bad things. Really bad things, but everyone thought the bad things  would become better. Keith thought they were good things in bad people. I was the bad person, that he loved. The only thing was that that the bad things sucked out all the good that was left in me, so now they was no good left and that ment I would never become any better.

"Keith?" I called his name and he looked my way.

"Yes, Fame. What do you need?"

"Please make me bleed."

"Why would you want that?"

"So I could die, and then I wouldn't be able to hurt people anymore."

"But you haven't hurt anyone."

"Not that you know of."

"You really want that?"


He took out his knife. I held out my hand, but he shook it away. Keith stabbed the knife into his wrist and made his way up his arm.

"Keith, why are you doing that?" I screamed.

"So you know how painful it is . . ." he took in a deep breath then stabbed the knife into his chest.

I watched him fall, what else could I do? I could've stoppped him, but he wanted to die. I put my ear on his chest listening for the beating of a heart. But I heard nothing.


The End

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