When I'm Gone

Boarding school... my own mother was sending me away until I was 19... I hated her, and my anger built until I couldnt even see the name on my phone, as it blasted out one of my favorite songs.

"Hello?" I snapped down the phone.

"Rosalyn, whats going on?" The worried voice of my cousin brought me back to reality. Jay was a sweet chick, even though she was a lot older than me - not to mention she was engaged to the lead vocalist of a band which had toured America - twice!

"Oh Jay-bird! I didn't see it was you ringing me!" I cried into the phone.

"Didn't the ringtone give it away?" She asked jokingly before singing my set ringtone for her. "I'm a hellshot kid disaster!" I heard her speak away from the phone, explaining to her to-be-husband why she was singing one of his songs.


The End

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