Make It A Day To Remember

Rosalyn never did get the hang of fitting in. This school was her last hope - The Frost Acadamy.

In a uniform free boarding school on the moors of Yorkshire, lives a dark secret. Most of the teachers are in on it, but one girl overhears the one thing she wishes she never had...

"For the last time Rosalyn, get down here!" my mum bellowed from the kitchen.

I grabbed my hoodie, knowing what was coming the moment I got to the kitchen. Half way down the stairs, just like the last thousand times, mum yelled again, using words you wouldn't normally hear coming from a nurse's mouth.

"Rosalyn this, Rosalyn that..." I mumbled under my breath as I pushed the kitchen door to the side. I knew that my grades where perfect from my current school, and unfortuantly I knew that its status would soon drop to "last school". It had been my 5th Secondary school and I was still only in year 7!

As predicted, mum stood in the middle of the kitchen with a letter with the school crest on it. "I presume you know what this is?" she said angrily, shaking the letter at me. "Rosalyn, do not smile, this is serious!"

I couldn't help laughing. This was the 7th school to expell me in this city. And the last one that was willing to take me. Looks like another move soon to be planned.

"So where to next mum? I guess we're moving to get me kicked around another set of schools." I asked grinning still. The schools never understood me. A*'s across the board, despite being kicked out of most of my lessons for finishing my work and sitting there flicking things across the room.

Mum's next words wiped the smile from my face. "I'm sending you to a boarding school. Final answer." she looked at me, cold and square.

"What...." I said crestfallen. I had never spent any time away from my family. No sleepovers, no school trips, no staying with relatives - nothing.

"Frost Acadamy. Best grades in England. I'll phone them up and get you set for next semester." Semester? It made it sound more like a university. She noted the look of confusion on my face. "Built in six-form. So you won't be causing havoc on colleges across the country either. Don't worry, you can come home for christmas and half term and stuff." She still looked smug, as I turned to leave the kitchen.


The End

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