Make A Wish

I celebrated my fourteenth birthday in the basement of my parents home. It was also my graduation year from grammar school. Twenty guests arrived that Saturday evening as mom took care of serving the snacks and drinks to my school buddies. I blew out the 14 candles from my birthday cake and mom said "make a wish". In my mind I did just that. That wish would come true some 16 years later. I went to a singles bar for the first time when I was thirty years old. The bartender rested my bottle of beer on the coaster in front of me. He then did the same for the young lady next to me. "We've come a long way since ice cream cake and soda", she said with a smile. I knew it was her who there in my parents basement home, she kissed me goodnight. We talked and caught up on old times as that was my wish back then for sometime in the future. I'm glad my mom told me to "make a wish". Me and Rhonda got married two years later. At our wedding ceremony she danced around the tables and blew out some candles. Then she said with a smile, "make a wish".....

The End

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