Major Screw Up Short Version

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things make us buckle under the pressure others show us how strong we really are.
(This is the short version)

Intro ~

"Hey Sara, we need to work on our project."

Back in the ninth grade my best friend Sara descided to pick me as her science partner, which wasnt surprising.

I met Sara in the third grade, when her elementry school was closed due to education cut backs. Everyone in her school along with some teachers were transfered to my school. Sara and I had a instant connection because we were very alike.

"Yeah, you should come over and we can work on it." She answered.

 It was one of those projects that has to do with a chain reaction and ours started with a marble. When we started the project it was a very simple consept. The marble would roll down a plastic track and hit a lever, which would lift another marble. While rolling down another track the marble would be  slowed by a piece tape, which allowed it to land perfectly in a basket that ended the exisitance of a balloon.

Who knew that a simple ojective could take so much work, so much mistakes, and so much time.

The End

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