The light burns my eyes. I try to cover them with my hand but it is too weak.

I am shocked at the sight of it - white, like that of a dead person, and so thin ... it is like bones.

The door is open.


Is this some new torture? I think. But I see the figure that stands there, a silhouette against the day light, and my heart leaps.


And who is that behind her?

It is not Olivia, is it?

But it is! I am saved. I try to sit up but my body betrays me. I want to Change, but I can't. I have not Changed for weeks, now. My energy is too low.

"Mai, is that you?" says Olivia. I start to sob with relief.

As I thought my fate was sealed, a hand has reached down, and stopped me from drowning.

The End

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