Chapter Five, Page One (Jenny)

As I enter the Port I wonder if this is a good idea. I do owe Sunshine a favour, but surely a human like me going to one of their Ports is a really bad idea? Still, I have to trust the two of them when they tell me that their people are peace-loving, and will not hurt me.

          Again I wonder why they could not come themselves, but Olivia explains it all. They have to return Home to get their energy back. Food helps for a while but they have used so much of their power recently that only a trip back to their Home planet with restore it. I guess that makes sense, if you think about it. Still, it’s really weird to think of it as their planet, because realising that someone you know is an alien sort of messes with your mind.

          Especially if you knew them for six months before they even told you.

          But I understand now why I never felt uncomfortable when I was with them. Because I’m hardly normal, you know? There are eight different colours in my eyes and they spin with my heartbeat. In whichever direction they feel like. I have no control over it.

          And then there is my skin. It changes colour. Not majorly, but enough to make it noticeable. If I’m hot, it will be brown, like a tan. Quite nice in the summer, actually. But when I’m cold it’s dead white. Corpse white. And then there is every shade in between.

          Yes, you’ve got it. I’m a human chameleon. Only sometimes I feel that I might not be exactly human, either.

          So, I’m walking through this Port, and everyone is looking at me. There are all these people on all sides. “People” is not really the right word to use to describe them, though, because they come in all shapes and sizes, and that is not just a figure of speech.

          Of course, Olivia told me they were shape shifters. But I’ve never really “seen” it before. So it comes as a bit of a shock, as well you can probably imagine. I know where I am going from the descriptions Olivia and Sunshine gave me before they left, from what they gathered after their hasty reconnaissance mission, but it does not seem like enough.

          However, they are right. No one challenges me. Either Sunny warned them, or they figured that for a human to have found this place they must have been told about it. They are right about that. If Olivia had not pointed it out to me I would never have seen it, set high up in the mountains like it is.

          The visitors’ rooms line the main terminal, as they said. I should have worried less on my way here, but I am a born worrier, and if there is nothing to worry about, well, I’ll worry about that. In my life I’ve realised that there is always something to worry about. If there isn’t, that’s when you need to start to worry. If you get what I mean.

          The room that I am looking for is the third on the right. It looks exactly the same as all of the others on the row but I have been told who is in there and what has been done to her. I am certain that nothing like it has ever happened in any of the others.

The End

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