Chapter Three, Page Three (Mai)

Greens and Blues swirl around the insides of my eyelids. They block the real world from me. This is, in a way, a good thing. It means that I cannot see my arm - I cannot see the blood that drips from the un-fading picture of me.

I cannot see the pain, but I can feel it.

I hear it all the time. The whispers. They've set the speakers on, I know - they are trying to torment me. I can hear them telling me that the Commander never loved me, that I was just another kid to him. They are telling me that he will never come to rescue me; that I will be here forever.

I try to block it out but I can't.

Hours, or seconds, pass. I cannot tell how many.

I am drowning in the darkness and in the light. The colours that explode before me take away the light, leaving only blackness made of a thousand rainbows.

I am drowning in my own thoughts and dreams, in my own dashed hopes and surrendered longings.

Will he never come?

Oh, Commander, why are you not here? Why have you left me here to die?

I am drowning in the blood of my mother and the blood that even now is gushing from my arm.


I scream.

The End

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