Chapter Two - Page Five (Mai)

“I like you,” he said, chuckling. “Yes, I really do.” He did not ever leave me for more than a week, then, but it was not until another two years later that he really started to work on me.

          “We could make you great, Mai,” he would whisper to me, whenever we managed to get time together. He used to pretend to love me, did Jed, and being the foolish child I was, I believed him.

          “What if I don’t want to be great?” I would say, and then he would kiss me.

          “Of course you do, Mai.” That was Jed’s gift. He could make you believe what he wanted you to believe. Or maybe it was just me. Maybe I was too susceptible to his mind games.

          It was for him that I did all of those bad things that I did. It was for him that I gave up everything, and he turned that on me. That was the cause of the deep-rooted hatred between the two of us, the hatred that fuels me desire to survive this ordeal, if only so that I can kill him myself.


The End

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