Chapter Two, Page Three (Mai)

I begin to turn away, but I should have known it would not be as easy as that.

          “Oh no, you don’t,” comes Jed’s too-calm voice. Strong hands grip my arms and I open my mouth to cry out, but another hand slaps over my mouth to stop me from screaming.

          They start to pull me across the slippery, polished floor, towards one of the visitors’ rooms at the side of the terminal. I struggle and bite, but it is no good. They dump me in the centre of the little room, and tie my hands and feet together with a piece of cord.

          As soon as Jed’s hand is removed I scream, but no one comes to help me. I realise then that it is because there IS no one to come. The whole place is empty – all part of their plan, no doubt.

          “Stay here,” commands Jed – as if I could do anything else! When they leave, the door is locked behind them, and anyway I am tied up.

          I am left alone.

          I start to think about my predicament, but my thoughts shed no light on an escape. I examine the room.

          It is completely plain in every way. The walls are an institutional shade of peach, and the bed that occupies one corner is plain steel, with white sheets, such as those you would find in any human hotel. There is no carpet, only a laminate flooring like that outside.

          The room is windowless, lit by a ‘daylight’ that covers the entire ceiling. The door fits flush to the door, and although there is a handle on this side, I know that it is locked.

          I struggle to my feet, and manage to hop over to the wardrobe. It is completely empty – all coat hangers have been removed, most likely so that I do not pick the lock with them. The chest of drawers is likewise no good, so I collapse onto the bed.

          I fall asleep. At least, I think that I must have, because I remember dreaming. I dream that the door is open, and outside I can see green hills, green meadows, with a still, blue lake, bordered by flowers. The sunlight is shining in, like liquid gold. I go towards it but as soon as I approach the door it slams shut, taking the beautiful valley with it. I sit down and weep, and that is when I wake up.

          The lock clicks – the door is unlocked. I sit upright on the bed, and while I am not exactly hopeful, the world does not seem so bleak now. But all hopes are dashed when the door opens, and Jed enters, flanked by Moon and the two men whose names I do not know. I flinch back as they approach me where I lie on the bed, but for the minute they do nothing, just watch me as I lie there, helpless. I can tell that they are savouring every minute of it, as though it were a delectable dessert.

          “Get her up,” says Jed, and the two men start towards me, but I hastily push myself up as best I can.

          “I can get up myself,” I say. “I don’t want them touching me.” Moon laughs, giving me a perfect view of her sparkling teeth. I look away, unable to meet her eyes.

The End

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