Chapter Two, Page One (Mai)

The silver notebook is full. I close it and rummage in my bag for a new one. It is only now that I realise how late it has got. I must leave this place before nightfall; that is for sure.

          The notebook I pull out is green. That is a good thing, I think. Green has always been a good omen for me.

          I start to write, writing of my hobbies, my home … that sort of thing. I write of the people I have left behind me. Of the part they have paid in my life. How I wish they only knew!

          Soon the dusk is falling. I get to my feet, stowing my notebook and pen in my bag as I do so. It is not fat to the Port, now; it will not take me long to walk there.

          But it would be quicker to fly, my subconscious tells me. That is certainly true, but can I risk it? The temptation is too great, and I throw caution to the wind and Shift, taking the agile form of an eagle. This way it takes me only a few minutes to reach my destination, and I have plenty of time to absorb my breath-taking surroundings.

          Of all the place I have been to, Switzerland is by far the most beautiful, especially the Alps, where I am now. They are so pure, as yet untouched by human hands, at least mostly. I reach the Port and Shift back into my preferred human form. As I do so, I become conscious that the green stud in my left ear is vibrating. Almost without realising I answer it; it has become second nature to me.

          “Mai?” At first I do not recognise the voice, but I soon identify it as Sunshine, a friend of mine since childhood who was also on the tour I got separated from.


          She laughs brightly. “Of course! Who else?” Sunny laughs again. It seems to me that she is always laughing.

          “Ha ha. Sorry I didn’t pick up sooner, I was an eagle.”

          “Hey, that’s okay. You got separated, then?” I nod before remembering that she cannot see me.

          “Yeah. I’m at the Switzerland Port now, ready to go Home,” I tell her. I hear a sharp intake of breath.

          “Ooh, I’m not sure about that…” Alarm bells start to ring in my head, but she skips quickly to another topic. “Listen, I’m on my way to the Port. I don’t have enough energy to Shift so I am at a human airport. If I don’t catch you, buzz me, okay?” I can tell she is about to terminate the call but I speak quickly.

          “Wait!” I do not mean to sound so panicky but that is how my voice comes out. “What is wrong? What aren’t you telling me?”

          By this time I am inside the main terminal of the Swiss Port. It is very similar to what you would call an airport, I dare say, except much more spacious, and much, much more energy efficient.

The End

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