Mai's Story (Solo)

Just to explain. Mai's Story is a collab on this site. Well, sort of. I started it - and only one other person has written one other chapter. Yup. You see my dilemma. This is also based on the follow-up - World Domination Continues This Weekend.

I'm using this story to write a novel. I thought I'd post bits of that novel up here. But, the chapters are too long. So I'm going to break them up.

To explain ....

If it's Chapter One in Microsoft Word, it'll be posted like this:

Chapter One, Page 1 (Mai)


Chapter Five, Page 3 (Jenny)

Get it?

Interesting chapter names, I know.

I just don't want it to be too long to read, so I'm going to break it up. My longest post will be 1 A4 Page (MS Word).


This is a SOLO story, so please critique, rate, comment, give ideas ... that sort of thing.

The End

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