Mailbox Monster


“The boy slowly pulled opened up the mailbox slot. He peered in to the empty dim space. Upon seeing nothing, he carefully placed his letters in to the empty void. And slammed the lid shut. With a sigh of relief, he proceeded to walk away. When SUDDENLY AN SPIKEY ARM SHOVES ITS WAY OUT OF THE MAILBOX, GRABBING THE BOY AND PULLING HIM BACK IN THE MAILBOX… For the next few minutes, loud munching could be heard echoing from within the mailbox. All that was left of him was a scrap of his blue tie dye shirt. He was never seen again.” Jamie finished with his eyes as wide as saucers.

                Roc checked his watch.  “Well, that was a good ten minutes of my life I ain’t getting back.” He rubs his hands in his face. “Ugh, I ain’t gonna mail those letters for you. It’s just a stupid story. Suck it up and just do it, you wimp.” Roc pushed Jamie in the direction of the lonely mailbox.

                “It’s not just a story! If it was then explain how all them neighbour kids are missing!”

                “What neighbour kids?”

                “SEE! The monster gobbles them up and uses some sort of trick to make everyone forget that they even existed!”

A couple of passersby, looked at Jamie and Roc arguing. None of them thought anything of it, and walked onwards.

                “Just do it. It won’t kill you.”

                “Fa-faat chance! You just want the mailbox monster to eat me. For all I know, you’re working with him!” Jamie eyes shifted to the random neighbours walking pass.

                “Cr-Crazy!” Roc fakes a cough.

                “I’m not crazy! It’s true!”

                “True as unicorns and Loch Ness.”

                “Unicorns aren’t real. But Loch Ness is.” 

Roc rolled his eyes. Jamie shoved his arm forward with his letters in his hand.

                “Still ain’t gonna do it. Now hurry up, so I can kick your ass in Halo.”

Jamie released a frustrated sigh. He slowly inched his way towards the mailbox. Looking back behind him, he called back to Roc, “Fine, if the monster takes me. It’s your fault I’m eaten.”

                “Whatevs,” Roc shrugged his shoulders.

Jamie stared down at the ominous mailbox. He reached over and reluctantly tugged on the lid. It creaked open. Light filled the dark cave of the mailbox. Jamie peered inside it, searching for a sign, a clue as to the whereabouts of the dangerous mailbox monster. But he found nothing. Jamie felt a bit safer. Maybe it was just a story. Maybe the monster doesn’t really exist and it’s just used to scare little kids from abusing the mailing system. Jamie nodded at his reasoning.

Jamie cautiously dropped his letters in to the dark void of the mailbox. He slowly closed the lid. Once it was closed, he just stared at the mailbox. Just waiting for something to happen, just like in the story. A couple of seconds has passed and nothing happened.  A small smile of relief crept across his face. He looked back at Roc and grinned. Roc looked back and shook his head before returning back a goofy grin. He walked towards Jamie.

                “See, told you it was nothing! Just a fool’s tale!”

                “Haha, I guess it was.”

Jamie began to walk towards Roc. The mailbox released a loud creaking noise. Jamie stopped in his tracks. His body felt stiff. More creaking and clacking could be heard from the mailbox. Jamie slowly turned around to stare back at the mailbox. It was jumping up and down. Wigging around in the air before landing back down for another jump.

Jamie looked back at Roc to see if he too was seeing the same thing. Roc’s eyes were wide and his face had gone pale. Jamie gulped. He quickly tried to catch up to Roc. In his haste, Jamie tripped over a bent in the sidewalk and stumbled forward. His body fell flat against the warm pavement.

                “Jamie, watch out!” Roc cried.

It was too late. The infamous spikey arm busted out from its metal cocoon. Roc’s throat went dry and his body froze. Jamie turned back slightly, and released a terrified scream at the sight he saw. He quickly tried to scramble on to his feet. But it was too late. The arm had grabbed Jamie’s leg, pulling Jamie closer to its mailbox disguise. A hallowed laugh echoed through the mailbox, shaking Jamie’s heart.

                “Roc! Help!”

Jamie grinded his nails and fingers in to any crack he could find in the sidewalk, hoping that would slow down the treacherous monster.


He stared up at Roc, desperation deep in his eyes but Roc just stood there, petrified. Jamie had never seen his friend so scared before. All hope was lost. Jamie felt his body go limp. And the arm yanked Jamie in to the dark mailbox.

Roc gulped. He listened to the Jamie’s bones being crunched inside the mailbox. He closed his eyes and tried to drown out the sounds of horror coming from a few meters away from him. He felt like covering his eyes to hide the noise. But he knew it wouldn’t hide the sound of his heart pounding against his sternum. After a few minutes, the metal clacking and munching stopped.

Roc opened his eyes and it was like nothing had happened. The mailbox was back in its original place and the grooves made from Jamie’s nails were barely there. Roc turned around and made his way back home. Alone.

A small smile grew across his face.


The End

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