Responsibility and trust

Now i'm in charge of the keys to the water tower. For some days visiting Becka I felt relief.  I couldn't just think about Becka and Shawn, i'd have to think about myself first.  Then I thought about it . The thoughts that came in my mind were that what if Destiny becomes suspicious. Now there were 3 water towers to hold mermaids.  There were 6 mermaids in each. Now I had to take rehearsals to follow my new plan. How would Destiny not find out that i'm taking rehearsals with the other maids. One day I was in the kitchen then my hand got burned. That was part of my plan. If I get a minor injury I would need to have bed rest. But to make pain look more painful I had to do some drama, because of that people called me drama queen. Even I called myself a drama queen cause I used to much drama. Yet I even used eye drops to make my eyes look watery.  Then I noticed Destiny started to get suspcious. That was a warning  that I should stop my drama for a few days. Then I found out that Destiny's grandfather works in a prison and he has found out that Destiny has been keeping mermaids captive in the water tower.  Nobody knows that we are held in the tower though. I felt bad for my self. Lets just celebrate for the mermaids instead. 

"Sylvia I am giving you the job to help Brian, Chelsea, Victoria, Juan, Jasmine, Talia, Mia, Jacob....., and Felis build a pool for the mermaids to live in out in the caves that are in the garden that lead to the underground tunnel that some others are building and go 2 yards in and make a pool that doesn't have chlorine inside .  Make it as big as the underground tunnel goes and make sure there is  a ladder so we can get inside. "said Destiny. 

I said," How will we get the mermaids all the way there." 

Destiny said," However you would like to get them there."

I say," Thank You very much. It is my pleasure. I will try my very best to get them to the underground tunnel safely. Don't put too many hopes on me Destiny. It makes me too nervous. "

" Anything to get the job done" she says.

For some reason I felt this mission would get me somewhere to getting free.  Sometimes I felt that she Destiny should give us a better living but never thought she ever would.

The End

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