Cylvia is trying to get all of the maidens including herself away from Destiny, a evil whitch trying to make young girls work for herself in a tower beyond a forest.

             3 days before I got here there was a army of guards and 1 mistress named Destiny. That wasn't it, the tower I stayed in there were about three hundred girls there. About 50 girls came here by weeks. All the young girls worked as maidens for Destiny. After a month I stayed there a very young boy came trying to stop Destiny. I knew he couldn't do anything. She was so powerful that not even a dozen guards could stop her. In our tower about 2,500 girls stayed. with another 2 towers that 3,500 girls stayed in each. I made so many friends there. The boy that came here was held captive as a guard. I felt bad for him. His name was Shawn. He was a very gutful boy for sure. I coudn't stop praising him. For some days I thought could I be in love with him. No it can't be.  But I kept thinking about that. Destiny wouldn't let anybody fall in love with each other. She wouldn't let frienship even happen. If she had found out that me and Becka were the best friends she would seperate us. Today I noticed I haven't seen Becka in a while.  It worried me if she was moved to another tower. I saw Alexandria one of Becka's room mates and she said she was  unsure where she is. Fora second I panicked.Could it be that Becka had  planned to escape without telling me. I haven't seen Shawn in a while either.  I wonder where everybody is. Wherever they are I hope there safe. The other day I met Sindy and she said some people were living in a water tower because they go transformed into mermaids and they cannot come back to any of the towers anymore.

              I hope I could transform so I could join Becka. Destiny said," The mermaids will have to sew clothing for each of us to wear everyday." I felt so bad that Becka would have to work for me the rest of her life. Now there was no chance that she could escape with a tail. I thought of plans so all the mermaids can escape. M y best plan was to get them into the South Canopy river but how.  Destiny wouldn't let m use her keys. One day Destiny asked me,'' Dear Cylvia you done very well since you have been here now I have one job for you to get done each day. Can you take 2 or 3 buckets filled with fish to the water tower starting tomarrow." I said with excitement,"Yes Yes Definetly It will be done." "Thank You Cylvia you are my favorite."



The End

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