The Past, Present, and Possibly the Future?Mature

I was so happy. I had finally gotten myself my own girlfriend. Her name was Rachel and she was gorgeous, maybe even prettier than Bethany.

Bethany was the one that decided the double date thing, surprisingly not going with Liam as they were trying other people at the time. She was going with Richard, a guy that I'm known to see spanking five girls in the same hallway....and those five girls began arguing about it and began hitting each other, each one then getting expelled.

This was the third date with Rachel and we went to a restaurant, an inexpensive little thing. As we ate I saw Bethany eyeing Rachel very carefully, watching everything the girl did. After this continued for about a half an hour Bethany shot up out of her chair and said, "Sam I need to talk to you." She grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the table as I gave a shy wave good-bye to Rachel. She didn't respond to it. "Sam, I'm really sorry, but I don't think she cares about you." Bethany whispered.

I scoffed, "what are you talking about?"

"I'm saying that in the time of this date I realized that she doesn't have any feelings for you whatsoever."

My eyes narrowed in anger, "You're just jealous."

"Of what Sam?! Look I'm just trying to be a good friend and save your feelings from getting hurt."

I turned away from her and silently said, "You of all people shouldn't save feelings. You're much better at killing them." I could feel the heated anger radiate from Bethany's tiny body, "Would you please stop bringing that up. I'm sorry I don't love you, is that enough?"

"No." And I began walking back to our table, back to the one I cared about.

A couple nights later I was sitting at home doing some homework and texting Bethany. Rachel was out spending time with her family and I told Bethany how Richard was sitting at home probably making love to his video games, and she didn't really care.

Could u do me a favor and walk over 2 Richard's and tell him it's over? Bethany texted me.

Sure. That one didn't last long.

Nope. I made my way outside and across the street, knocking on Richard's door. No one answered but the door was oddly ajar. I decided to walk in and look for him, "Hello?" I called out, "Hey your door was open and I-" I heard the sound of loud music coming from Richard's basement and I decided to go down.

It was dark but I could make out the outline of a sofa and Richard....with someone. Well it's a good thing Bethany was going to break up with him. I mean he's cheating on her with- That's when I saw it, the unmistakable long perfectly straight brown hair of Rachel's.

I felt ill as I tried to crawl up the stairs before they saw me. As I was leaving I heard Rachel scream Richard's name, her scream seeming to bury itself deep in my heart like a poisonous dart, the poison spreading throughout the organ.

And then I ran.

I ran all the way to Bethany's house, pounding on the door until she (thankfully) opened the door, "Sam, what's wrong?!" I must've looked terrible, sweating from running as well as heartbreak written across my face, "Richard-Rachel," I gasped between my sobs. Thankfully I didn't need to say any more to make Bethany understand it. "Oh Sam." She embraced me in a comforting hug, and I wrapped my hands around the only person that seemed to truly care for me as Rachel's scream still rang in my ears........

I woke with a start to see Pepper staring curiously at my face and I groaned when I realized Bethany wasn't in my arms any more. It irritated me how it seemed like whenever I dreamt, it was of the past. And I already remembered that week well enough, but now it was fresh in my mind again. I remembered how Bethany happily jumped back into Liam's arms, where she has stayed ever since. Me, on the other hand, I let my emotions fester inside of me until my heart became a black stone.

I groaned again and slowly got out of bed, only to have the doorbell ring, "Goddamn," I hissed when I lost my balance and fell to the floor, "Hold on," I yelled. I picked myself back up again and stumbled sleepily over to the door, wincing when the rarely seen sunlight blinded me, "Hey, I heard you like Chinese and...I just woke you up didn't I?" A slightly familiar voice chirped this. I rubbed my eyes for a bit and the slowly opened them, groaning when I saw the pair of purple eyes, "I thought I got rid of- I mean, I thought you left?"

"I did."

I stared at her with shock, "But you were like....gone gone. What the hell are you?" With my question toss out there Laurel looked down her shirt then responded, "Well from what I remember of Anatomy classes I would be called a 'female' or 'young woman'."

"Oh so you're a smart ass now?" I glared at her, "Gimme that bag." I ripped the bag of Chinese food out of her hand and slammed the door shut. I considered it a bit before I also locked the door, turning towards the kitchen. I walked in and yelled in fright, "Oh my God!"

There was Laurel, leaning back in one of my kitchen chairs, fixing her curls in her hair, "I may be a smartass, but you're just an ass in general."

"How did you...I locked the...huh?"

"Are you going to eat the Chinese food I graciously bought for you or are you just going to stand there talking gibberish?" I grabbed the other kitchen chair and began eating, a grumpy look on my face as I tried to figure out how Laurel got into my house. It was silent for a bit except for Pepper's barking outside until I heard Laurel's high velvet voice say, "Samuel Darrow."

I looked up in annoyance, "And you know my last name how?!"

"Practice," She simply stated.

"Well what's your last name?"

Laurel shrugged, "Don't have one."

"No seriously what is it?"

She glared at me with her bright violet eyes, "You think I'm lying to you? Of course not. I'm not like you."

"I didn't lie to you! I barely know you."

"Ok lack of information would be more appropriate. You never told me about Richard and Rachel." I stared at Laurel for a couple of seconds before getting up, "I'm done. You are a fucking stalker." I pointed at her, "And I'm going to go to the police and get a restraining order on you so you stay far far away. And-" I was interupted by the sound of Pepper yelping in pain, "Dammit. You," I pointed to Laurel, "Don't you move." I ran outside to see Pepper running away from a hoard of bees, the nest sitting in the Magnolia tree. He's allergic to bees. So I grabbed the spray and began spraying all the bees that were chasing poor Pepper, watching the black buzzing mass fall to the ground in silence. I then moved over to the hive, spraying that as well, killing all of them. "There you go Pepper." I murmured as I stepped down from the ladder leaning against the trunk of the tree. I glanced at the trunk to see the three different pairs of initials scribed into the tree.

The first one I knew to be the parents, the elderly couple I bought the house from. K.D + E.M: Kyle DeMarcos and Elizabeth Margo. I walked a couple of inches away from that one to see another: C.D + P.G: that would be the daughter, Caroline, and whoever she dated. Then the final one, belonging to their son Scot, was slightly messed up. His girlfriend's last initial seemed to have been weathered away, so it read: S.D + L. S.D......Scot Demarcos......Sam Darrow. And L.....Lindsay...Leslie....Lola....Laurel. "Oh my God." It was the creepiest concidenece. Laurel doesn't have a last name and it seems like Scot's girlfriend didn't have a last name either. I slowly backed away from the tree, the tree that seemed to read the past...and possibly the future as well. "Pepper?" I called. He soon came trotting towards me. I looked down at him to see a big red mark on his back: a bee sting. "Pepper!" It was strange though. Usually he would have been convulsing on the ground by now from the bee venom, but he looked perfectly fine. Being freaked out even more, I ran into my house, reading to finish Laurel off.....

But she wasn't there. Instead there was a note. Written in perfect beautiful script it read: You owe me a lot. Saving dog= ten minute conversation.

The End

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