Magnolian HopesMature

Love Sucks.

Love is overrated

What's the point in the emotion anyway?

It just leaves people looking like fools, discovering that the feeling they thought to be "love" was only really their adreneline on a rush with trying something new.

Have I been in love?

Of course. Otherwise it wouldn't be right to hate it. But I've seen too much "love" flipped every which possible way until the word itself just seems to snap in half.

I have had a share of girls tell me they love me, only to discover weeks later that they're feelings were misconstrewed, the feeling died away, or some sort of crap like that.

And I have had my share of best friends who just don't love me in that way.

So is that why I moved here years ago? To the soggy state of Washington?

Naturally. It was the furthest away from my hometown of pain and misery. Plus I love the rain.

Speaking of which....

I rushed out to my sun room and opened every single window, letting the wind fly through my straight brown hair. The smell of rain quickly filled the small room and I took it in graciously. Even after living here for five years, I still haven't gotten sick of that smell. I closed my eyes and could hear the sound of the wind whispering through the Magnolia tree that was right outside.

Ok ok, so maybe I did have feelings....but only for this, the rain. But I don't love any person whatsoever. Ever.


I woke up the next morning in the couch in the sunroom. The night's storm had passed and now sunlight and warmth poured in through the windows. I sat up and felt the punishment for sleeping on a couch and being six foot six. I groaned and walked to the food pantry, sleepily grabbing the Apple Jacks and pouring them into a bowl. I munched in silence for a bit then turned the tv on, only to shortly turn in off again in disgust. I may not enjoy love, but I don't appreciate hate either, which is the only thing that is left showing on the news.

Once I was finished I got my sweatshirt on and whistled for Pepper, my German Wirehaired Pointer. He ran immediatly towards me with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. "C'mon Pepper we're going for a ride."

So we walked into the cool breeze that never went away. The temperature in Washington State pretty much stayed the same, even in late winter. I opened the passenger door to allow Pepper to hop in then I got into the car as well. I turned the ignition and began driving off.

I planned to drive to the park, for Pepper's sake and mine. There were bound to be good ideas there.

Once we got there Pepper was practically jumping in his seat. I reached into the back and grabbed my camera, exiting my car. Pepper rocketed out once I opened his door, then he was off.

I walked aimlessly around the park, looking at every little thing. I took a picture of the huge willow tree that sat not too far from the lake and a kite in the sky. It was a surprisingly nice day today, without any overcast.

I searched through my camera lens for a bit longer, trying to find something else that could become a masterpiece.

I landed on a teen couple staring lovinly into each others eyes. I then felt the pain I usually get in my chest from things like that and turned away, for their privacy and my sake.

I called for Pepper who came running back and from the sight of him I groaned: completly covered in mud, a mess very hard to clean up. "You're sitting in the back." I grumbled. He lept into the trunk and we begun driving back to our house, my heart still in pain at the sight of young love.

The End

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