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The rage that boiled inside of him was venomous. He settled back to his seat and stared at William, wide eyed. The rage had a gross taste in his mouth and he swallowed, letting it settle in his stomach and dissolve into disbelief.

“W-- How are we… going to keep…” Archie was obviously lost for words. This was crazy, how long would they be able to last under these conditions? How could William be so calm about the situation right now, how could they be having coffee in the lion’s den. His brows lowered instantly. Fear settling in, fear for William and for himself. He looked around at the coffee shop’s guests. A couple was chatting animatedly over an electronic device he wasn’t familiar with, but it displayed images on to the surface they pointed it to, covering its surface and resizing to fit. The man held it and pointed at the napkin she held up for him and the pictures resized to fit. She sounded excited as she took it from him and pointed at their table’s surface, immediately the image enlarged proportionally. She gasped and looked around to see if anyone else noticed and shared her excitement, then she caught Archie’s eyes, he looked away promptly to the other faces around them. All seemed normal, all seemed like they were minding their own business and it calmed him, but only a little.

As he looked about, the little bell above the door gave a ring when the door opened and Archie’s heart stopped. It rebooted when he realized it was just a girl, small stature, rolling in on skates smoothly and disappearing into the backroom, an employee… not the Task Force. They needed to leave. He turned back to William who sat silent sipping on his coffee, shoulders relaxed, face expecting.

“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Archie started, still in disbelief of Will’s calm attitude on the matter, “Sweepers can perform a blood test on anybody they fucking want to, and if you test positive they immediately transport you to hell? How is that even…”

William raised an eyebrow, “Yes, the law was passed three days ago, ‘immediate transportation to the academy upon a positive result,’” He quoted the memorized flyer. “I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we can discuss it later.” The way he said later made it sound like the conversation was over, but he was right, this was not the place for such conversations. Archie strapped his bag over his body in preparation for their departure.

“Almost finished?” Archie asked, tilting his head towards Will’s mug.

“Right, we should-” William started but he was loudly cut off by a very bubbly and energetic voice.

“HI! Are you guys all done? Did you want to see our selection of pastries, or desserts? We have some brownie melts that are simply to DIE for! I can bring you a small sample if you’d like?!”

Archie looked up suffering from a silent but almost deadly heart attack from the shock. He looked up at their much too happy thing of an interruption. Quickly, he recognized her as the girl that had come in on skates, which she didn’t have on anymore. Archie looked to William who looked like he was about to say yes to the brownie because Will could never say no to anyone ever, in any situation. Ok not everyone but most of them, and especially no to someone being friendly to him, though to Archie she was utterly annoying. He spoke quickly before William had a chance to.

“No, we’re leaving, thank you.”

Her shoulders literally dropped a few inches and she tilted her head to one side looking let down,

“Aww, alright, I understand,” Quickly though, she bounced back to her loud and cheery tone, “BUT promise me next time you’ll have it, it really IS very good! Thanks for coming in though!” She leaned in to their table and took Archie’s mug, his small plate, the stirring spoon and then turned to William who took a last swig of his coffee.

“Here you go,” William said as he placed his mug over his plate, stirring spoon inside the cup and he carefully passed it to her.

“OH! You don’t have to-- well thank you so m--”

Archie watched as William handed his dishes to the girl, but when the exchange happened, many other things happened too.

All the dishes she held tumbled out of her hands some landing loudly on their table and William’s dishes crashing to the ground and shattering loudly. William jumped in his seat and his face was pained as he held the hand he used to pass the dishes with his other.

But of all the things that happened the worst was the girl’s terrifying and ear piercing scream. 

The End

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