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W i l l i a m 
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William didn’t really want the conversation to turn emotional, plus, they couldn’t speak much more about this in public anyway. He was happy to hear Archie change the topic.

“Did you get everything you needed?”

“Yeah, surprisingly,” William said and then focused on his friend’s glasses, where rectangular frames sat yesterday now sat circular thin ones. He smiled, they were thin and simple, with character. Actually he smiled mostly because they were so darn old.

“Hey! They look great... If you’re a hundred.” He laughed quietly and ran his hand through his hair once to push back the loose strands dancing around his eyes- In preparation for what he did next. He leaned into the table and extended his arms; quickly sliding the glasses off Archie and inspecting them up close. Archie didn’t flinch, he was used to Will being impulsive and not respecting anyone’s personal space. You really didn’t see glasses like these anymore. Archie's last pair had been so different, and not nearly as old. Everyone that had a slight eye problem nowadays went under the ‘I.N.S. Pector’ and was in and out in no time. The name was a street name for the newest tool used to fix your eyesight: Incredible & Near-Perfect Sight with Pector added on at the end because the machine resembled an Inspector or Detective with its large head full of compartments and two thin arms that left no part of the eye untouched. Much more gentle than a laser to the eye like what was used in their grandparent’s time. There was no way Archie would let his eyes be touched, not Archie and even less if it was a machine doing it. After some interested turns of the glasses in his hands, William slipped them on his own face.

He went cross-eyed for a moment and smiled through the experience, focused on squinting through the blurr.

“Hey, how do I look?”

“Like you’re a hundred,” Archie responded sarcastically.

William quickly decided he couldn’t really handle the view anymore he slid them down the bridge of his nose to looked at his friend’s expression which housed a small smile. You couldn’t hate him for being playful.. William was just like this. Free spirit. Not tied back from the norms of acceptable social interactions. He enjoyed being close with people, at least, more with people he knew well. He felt better connected to them, more in tune with their natural selves. Who knows if it was more of an internal need to constantly be connected to nature or if it was just the way his personality was. After all, people were, for the most part, full of positive natural energy whether they knew it or not. Their bodies unique and different, no two alike.. organic and beautiful. Though- in this moment, there was nothing this deep about his actions. He was just very comfortable with Archie and enjoyed a good laugh.

William removed the glasses from his face and handed them back to Archie. Archie took the glasses and replaced them back to their original place.

“I got them today, found them in an old briefcase at the antique shop- they just happen to be my prescription, or close enough to it I think,” Archie gave a small shrug and continued, “So did you get everything?”

William gave a short nod.

“I got most of everything I needed,” Then his tone dropped, hoping to become another buzz in the small coffee shop.

“Otherwise, I found something that made me sick,” he said as he rummaged inside his bag. His previous emotions on the matter having passed enough to have let him joke about it now, but still, he knew Archie wouldn’t be happy. William pulled out a flyer with the logo of the Task Force on it. He had taken it from one of the flyer stands in the shopping center. It was the newest public information on the Task Force. It contained the same things as all the previous versions of it had.. Their mission and values, their respect for the law etc.. The News section was what was important. He had already made a point of circling it in black ink.

He slid the flyer across the table towards Archie and took one last look around them before deciding they were fine. The flyers were for the public to read and get informed on. Anyone could have picked one up. Archie’s face hardened quickly as soon as he saw the flyer, recognizing their logo and purple crest all too quickly. William watched him read the flyer silently and then Archie looked up at him,

“This can’t happen,” Then he neared William by leaning in to their table and speaking so quietly but so fiercely it caught William by surprise,

“This. Can’t. Happen.” 

The End

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