Oh Cripes And Cherry Pie

All glorious light left behind hell. Check, noted. That would've been helpful to know before I released that light. Right. Now.
  The gears in the thinking part of my brain seemed to have shut down during the brilliant blast, and I went into a state of totally calm shock as I surveyed the damage. I had a feeling that when my strange numbness subsided, and the storm front finally made it's way up, I might possibly have a breakdown. A large one. Oh well. At the moment, that was only an afterthought, as I seemed to be incapable of any comprehension of things besides natural instinct.
  Blinking out the spots that the blast had left behind, I saw that there were four of my mentor's most prized spellbooks lying open like clam shells on the floor. I calmly picked them up, settled down their ruffled pages, which often barked when mad, and slid them with the utmost care back onto the bookshelf. Making my way through the little study like a lifeless, thoughtless paper golem, I went about cleaning the cluttered area up. Had I been capable of truly looking at the damage, I might have gone over the end of the cliff of lunacy, which I was dangling off of anyway.
  Another cautioning thought in the back of my mind warned me not to peek around the corner at the looking glass, lest I wished to never again think a normal thought.
  Eventually, after everything was put in some order, by some I mean teetering piles and mismatched spell cards, I became aware to the world again, in a huge mixture of panting and shaking and wide-eyed fear.
  And then I managed to take a step around the bookshelf and view the glass.


The End

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