Magik Isn't For Everyone

I stared expectantly at my fingers, concentrating only on the spell...I squinted hard, as if by sheer will I could force something interesting to happen. No, not interesting, something magikal. My nose was pinched as if I was smelling something bad, and I assume I looked rather mad, scowling down at my fingers like a lunatic. I suppose I was a bit of a lunatic, being a wizard's apprentice, but that wasn't the point.
  The point was that I was probably the only lunatic in the whole of Pennulia who couldn't do a simple Illumiete spell. Maybe I'd said the incantation wrong. I recited the latin all but burned into my brain once more, even though I knew I'd said it nothing short of perfect the first time. I snapped my fingers as one might do if they has a whole legion of servants to wait on them and wanted some bungle-filled dumplins, or light. That was it, if I has a legion of servants, I wouldn't have to have magik, I could just snap my fingers and ask one of them to- hush! I corrected my wandering, rather angry mind and directed my short attention span onto my fingers, where there should have been a soft green glow by now.
 Nothing was happening.
 I snapped my fingers again with such force that it startled me a bit, then stared hard, thinking of nothing.
 And that's what happened.
 Growling a curse, I snapped my fingers five times in a row, despite my mentor's warnings. Maybe I just needed to channel more energy into a spell than other people. Maybe I was just exceedingly weak and needed some extra help, so to speak.
  As usual, my mentor was right.
  A terrific blast of white and blue and pink shot like lightning from my posed fingers, burning my widely open eyes and sending everything into an almost heavenly brightness. The heavenly part only lasted a moment, however, as I looked about my surrondings.
  My singular thought was Oh cripes, not the seeingglass!

The End

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