Magick Timez

a peculiar boy is starting to show signs of becoming a Magick wielder. This boy is very special if he can use magick. Mostly because the world of Aventura is very short of having Magick wielders! This boy will need training to master these magick skills.

Mana:The main character, has the ability to wield Magick.

Kayle:Mana's best friend, he can't use magick but he has enough power to talk to animals.

Kara:Mana's girlfriend, she can use magick but she isn't very skilled at it.

Layla:Mana's other best friend, She has no magick abilities. She is a very good swordsman though.....if she's a girl wouldn't it be swordswoman?

Mr.Naynu:Mana and Kara's teacher. He is very skilled at using magick.


Magick is a rare trait. The ones who have the ability to use magick are very, very special. Magick can be any kind of type like:Elemental, Healing,Defensive ect. Mana and Kara are one of the lucky few who can use magick. Their teacher Mr.Naynu teaches them how to control and master there magick abilities.

Aventura is the place everybody lives in. There are 29 countries and they each have their own rules and ways of living. Each country is known by their rank. Our country, Stanall, is ranked #12. we aren't at the top and we are not at the bottom so i think our technology is good, it's not fantastic like Kinai, which is ranked #1, but our technology is better than Noogla, they are a very poor country and they have very few technology.

well that conclude the introduction. Now it's on to Mana's story.

The End

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