Magician's Creed: Azrael's Task

The Kingdom of Regum has been divided. Twenty years of war have finally ended upon the death of King Octavian. A man only known as the Commander has taken control an began an extermination upon a small group Regum's people. Their know as Magicians, people with extraordinary gifts Some were captured and some were killed. Many were able to reach the Divide before it was sealed off. It has been a hundred years since the take over and nowadays Magicians are used as mercenaries.

He ran with tremendous speed to save his life. But little did he know it was all pointless, simply stalling the inevitable as she slowly closed in for the kill. He turned into the dark alley way, his last mistake. She leap with incredible force upon the man who crumpled on impact. She pinned him to the dirty, cold floor as he struggled to free himself like a mouse caught by the mighty cat. "Please.... don't kill me" he begged in his final attempt. "Close your eyes" She said heartlessly. Only when he'd obeyed did she continue. "Picture a wonderful place you love to go, a pond, the woods perhaps." The man's body slowly relaxed. " Good, good. Stand among it's beauty, nothing could go wrong." She then picked out a long hunter's knife from her belt and puncture the mans side, right into his right lung. His body lurched and his eyes open. She whispered into his ear. " Shhhh.... Be still it will be ok, remember the place , return to your place" He held out for a few moments before the last breath slipped from his lips.

The woman got up looking around, her eyes flooded with sadness. Her name was Azrael, a magician, an assassin. She had been for quite some time now working for the Commander only with two others like herself. She hated this work but keeping herself indifferent to the matter for survival. She wish the war never came and her parent never got rid of her when she was young, there was so much pain in it all.

Azrael now shifted into a black crow shooting up into the heavens to the Commander's castle on Black hill. Once their she made her way to the throne room Hood around her head and a thick red scarf around her face. The guards let her in, and she walked to the throne getting on one knee. "It is done" She said tonelessly to show her displeasure. " Good, good. I have a new assignment for you and your team." The commander with a sickly smile. " No" she responded.

"No?." He repiled. The man known as the Commander rose from his seated throne. He steped lightly to the marble floor." And why is that Azrael, you have always been loyal to me. " He walked around her while she kept her eyes glued to the floor. " I can no longer fill your desires of me, my heart can no longer bear it. You can throw me into the prison or to the mines. You may even kill me, but I will no longer serve." The Commander kept circling her taking into account to her words. Azrael looked up for a moment looking into the dark face of her master. She never seen his face in her entire life of service. The Commander wanted security, protection from the people and their attempts of assassination, so he shrouded himself into the shadows the only thing visible was his evil smile.

" And their is nothing that will convince you my dear." He offered. Azrael declined with a simple head shake. " Not even your freedom?" With that Azrael jolted looking back up." Ahhhhh, Azrael I will give you your freedom if you do this last thing for me" Azrael kept a steady eye on him feeding into the word like a fly to honey. " Find me a boy by the name of Gabriel"  " And what is so important about this boy" The Commander smiled a toothy grin. He knelt down. " He is the Seeker, you bring him to me, alive and you will be free understand?"

She nodded and got up walking out of the throne room and turning into a wolf. She tilted her head and howl calling on her two companions to come. One appeared through the shadows. She was rather small and thin, her hair tied in intricate braids. She had a happy smile on her face. Her name is Cecilla, master of the shadows. Another came floating through the window, static charge could be felt down the hall. Dark agression shone through his spectacles as a wide grin came upon his face. The boy's name was Kellin. "So whats the Commander want this time Azra?"  He crossed his arms and awaited for a response. Azrael changed back to her normal self. "Were going hunting"


The End

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