Magical Man

I don't really know what I'm doing anymore

I need someone to help me because my eyes have been stolen and I can't see.
And, as crazy as it seems, there was a time that I was on my knees,
Praying to God every night because I just couldn't listen to the fights
That's what I was told to do and thats all I had to turn to.
But that's just what I was told, they were the thoughts and beliefs I was sold.
I hated those nights that I screamed and cried, and He didn't answer but still I tried
Because someone said the Magical Man could save me, after all, he was greater than I could ever be.
Those believers convinced me to do what I did and ignored my doubts because "I'm just a kid."
But I don't have faith anymore and I'm still fighting this mental war
And I have to do it alone or these battles will destroy everything I own.
I refuse to beg the Magical Man again, no matter how much help he's rumored to send.
But fear still floods my heart, fear of the fire that rips evil apart.
But if I don't listen to the believers' voices, will my destiny still depend on my choices?
All I know is His message never pulled me out of this terrible wreckage.
No one, not even myself, can save me, and that's how it'll always be.

The End

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