Magic Unveiled

This is a story i am writing so that one day, i will be able to turn into the graphic novel that i would draw myself. Part of it is a school project and the other part is for fun.


Once upon a time in a land that was not known to many, lived a family. This family was not normal family. A family fully of mages that could control the elements. Earth, water, fire, lightening, and wind. In fact the spent most of their lives running from man-kind itself. We were the only known family that were mages of the elements. Mother and Father taught us all they we know today. I was the oldest out of the three of us, my younger sisters were twins. Born with elements powers that were opposite but similar all the same. Mother was born of Fire, Father of lightening, my sisters were earth and wind. Myself, I controlled water. We were powerful and together we were unstoppable. Or so we thought.

On a snowy night, the night that seem so calm but was quickly turned into a despair. You could see the smoke coming from the top of the mountain. A mountain so high up that we thought we would never be found. At the bottom lies a forest so think that it was practically the best hiding place in the world. Or so we thought. On this snowy night, we were woken up by the scent of ash that was mixed into the snow as it fell. Father got us all up and out of bed and we began to run again. A glow was so right in between the trees. The forest was set on fire and was burning down to capture us. Running was wearing us all down. Finally I turned around, with a circle under my feet, with a spiral rose design, “Spiral Water!” I screamed just as a fountain of water came spiraling out of my hands causing the fire to be vanquished for just a second. My father grabbed my hand, causing the fire to keep burning with a vengeance. “What are you doing, the forest is still on fire!” I proclaimed to my dad. “That fire is designed to narrow down where we are” Dad said. ”We must not be caught, we have to keep running. Can’t stop to save anyone or anything.” I now had a sad expression upon my face not realizing that I may cause the family their lives. Little did I know that something that would change my life was about to happen.

The fire continued to blaze and grow, we continued to run for our lives. I wanted so bad to put it out.   But I knew that I would have to keep running and keep my family safe. My only downfall is that I was a very small child, too young to remember my age. I wore a blue dress and my hair in a ponytail. My sisters wore green and white dresses. But none of that mattered, frankly I didn’t care. The memory was strong and will never leave my head. I was running for my life. We were all running for our lives. My mother, father, my two sisters and I. All we have known our entire lives is too run from the ones who would do us harm. Every mage in the world was chasing after us.

Turning back to see the forest still on fire, I noticed a herd of dogs running towards. “DAD! THE DOGS, THEY ARE COMING!!” I screamed. These demon looking dogs were on a hunt and we were the prey. At this very moment, my mother and father turned to each other, nodded and turned to me. We had stopped running. Mom screamed “everyone get into formation that we taught you”. We stood in a pentagon shape. At the top was father, mom to his right, me on the left and my two sisters were at the bottom. “Ready yourselves everyone, we are going to push them back.” The point came when it was time to focus our magic. My rose emblem appeared under my feet, underneath my dad, was a lightening pattern, mother had a fire pattern. My sisters had a lily and daisy pattern underneath their feet. Our circle created lines that connected each of us. We felt the power of all of us fill our bodies. “Element Blast!” We all screamed. A light beam pushed out of father’s hands pushing the demon dogs far into the burning forest. This pushed the dogs back far enough to where we had time to rest for a moment.

Few moments passed when I saw the dogs heading back to us, with not a scratch on them. “Mom! They are coming back!” I screamed in terror. My parents exchanged a glaze that I would never forget. They were up to something and I knew something big was about to happen. Mom got down on my level, she had a smile on her face, she brushed the hair out of my face and said “Kay, you are so strong and full of magic you have yet to find, please watch your sisters, protect them, and always love them for who they are. I love you sweetie.” I was confused on what was about to happen, I watched as my mother hugged my sisters and said something to them as well. To this day, I never known what she said to them. While my mother talked to my sisters, my father was standing next to me with a sad expression on his face.

“Daddy, are you okay?” I asked him. He snapped out of a sort of lost world. One that I could never seem to enter no matter how hard I try. “Yes, honey. I will be fine” He said. “Dad, I’m scared, the dogs are getting closer.” I said as I watched the dogs in the distance get progressively larger. “Don’t be scared honey, they won’t hurt you.” Dad exclaimed. Mom came besides Dad, looked into his eyes and nodded again.

At this moment, my parents told us to run and not look back.  My sisters and I ran for our lives. Not sure what was going on, I turned my head seeing my parents standing their ground. As the air started to become windy, I knew that my parents were going to cast a spell. AS the circle of lightening and fire showed up underneath their feet, I knew that the spell they were about to cast would be their last. “Love of the elements!” they both screamed. A beam of light came shattering down from the sky, knocking myself and my sisters to the ground. “MOM, DAD!” I screamed and reached out my hand. The fire disappeared, the dogs laid on the ground, and my parents were nowhere to be found. Tears were screaming down my sisters and I face. We were lost and alone.

Our family circle was now broken. We could feel the power not be as strong. All that was running through my head was that my parents were no longer here. I had to be strong for my family. I had to be the best mage known to this planet. For there on out, I would prefect my magic, alongside of me was my sisters. We were known as Magic Unveiled.

For this story is my story. My name is Kaylynne Magdalene Melody. 

The End

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