Magic summary(chapters 17-25)

In chapters 17-25 quite a few things happen. To start off with Julia and her mom hit a pedestrian while traveling at 45 miles per hour in a silver station wagon. Then Julia went to Gabby's house only to have her shave her head right in front of Julia.Julia and her dad got into an arguement but her dad did not get on to her because he thinks she knows about him cheating on her mom and doesnt want julia telling her mom. Then we find out the pedestrian Julia and her mom hit did infact succum to hi

The theme I have gotten from " The Age of Miracles" so far is Coping. Meaning how the different characters deal with the conflicts they are in and how They endure it. Another theme i feel is strong character. What i mean is that they endure like with coping and they dont change into bad people. They also dont develope bad mindsets... well a few of them do.

There are quite a few forces that motivate the characters actions and decisions. Some of these forces include Fear and joy are two major forces. Another force is the slowing which is causing people to have mood changes and do things they usually would never do. The slowing is like a full moon in the sense that it changes the way people think and the way they make decisions. The forces that Motivate the characters can be either positive or negative.

The authors choice of diction and voice affect my view of the book in a positive way. She uses bigger and more descriptive words. Using more descriptive words allowed more imagery and better understanding of what they are going through. Having a deeper understanding and a visual allows for A higher level of analyzing and understanding. I wish more authors would use a higher level diction and voice.

The End

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