Magic of innocence

The audience clapped their tiny hands as the curtain closed on the debut performance of 'The Magical Box'. They'd sat politely through the highschool casts production, laughing and cheering along with Katie, Carlos, Ashley, Devin, Eddie, and Moe  as they went through the magical worlds that a cardboard box had taken them to. None of them were old enough to be critical of the occasional pause when a line was forgotten, or the shakily improvised make ups for when the bully forgot to be mean. Not one child in the audience asked why everybody seemed a little scared, or why there were gaping holes in the plot wide enough to drive a fire truck through, in fact not one of them noticed. 

Nobody wondered why Katie had red lines covering her arms, or why Carlos had white lines all over his. No child asked why Devins face was pasty, and his eyes bloodshot. It was never thought upon that Eddie had a severe learning disability. All the kids saw was a bunch of kids having fun learning about the magic of friendship, and how something as simple as a box can be more fun than even the most complicated video game. 

That's the magic of childrens theatre to me, how accepting kids are. Their ability to suspend their disbelief is amazing, because they never stop. Things don't have to make sense to be real, they just are.

The End

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