Magic music

“The music surrounding me

It washes through my soul

Like a tidal wave of perfection

Carrying me to a magical place worlds away

I sit like an empty vessel

Listening to him play


His fingers are like dancers

As the fly over the keys

For a short time everything is okay

There are no questions...just answers

No pain, no poverty, no right nor wrong

Just a world of love if you please


Now if only

If only he would sing his song

The world could be a peace

Like a baby that sleeps

The night is black like charcoal

The wind silky smooth

I sit and watch his fingers move


When the music stops

Time is back on the clock

And all that was...will be once more

The pain, the hate and the gore

The poverty, illness and crime

The question is does love really

Stand the test of time? “

The End

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