Rebecca's Arrival

Rebecca stumbled, saying sorry to everyone she bumped into. Many shot her venemous looks, others laughed at her. Pushing up her thick, horn-rimmed glass up her long nose, she tried to find the right book within the large denim bag she carried.

"Ah, there!" She pulled out a large hardcover book, black but for the golden lettering on the side. Rebecca flipped to a page near the end, looking at the paper she had put in earlier that day, in absence of a proper bookmark. Her new schedule.

Math was next. Happily, she returned the book to the bag and continued along the corridor. On the way, she pulled her Mathematics binder out of her bag. Finally, she found the classroom.

Opening the door, she dropped her binder, from which all of the papers fell, and then slid on a pile of them.

"Are you alright?" someone asked.

"Hm?" Rebecca realised the enormous amount of people that had been watching her fall.

"Are you alright?" the voice repeated.

"Yeah, yeah." Rebecca quickly scrambled to her feet, and gathered up the papers. Luckily, they had not gotten mixed up. She quickly shoved them into the binder, and looked at the person who had helped her. "T-thanks" she managed to stutter.

"No problem. Who are you? I don't think I know you. Are you new?" She stuck out her hand.

"I-I'm Rebecca. I'm new- to this class- grade- whatever." They shook hands.

"Really? Come sit down. You're blocking the door." And indeed Rebecca realised she was. With an embarrassed blush, she sat at an empty table. The teacher had not come yet, so she sat beside Rebecca.

"Uh- do you like Math?" Rebecca asked.

"Not really" she said with a smile. "Do you?"

"Y-yes, I do. It's my favourite subject."

"You said, ah, you skipped a grade?"

"A few, actually. I-" Suddenly the teacher, Ms. Potts, came in.

"We can talk later." the girl mouthed, going to sit farther back, with someone else. Rebecca smiled, and turned forwards, waiting for the lesson to begin.

Ms. Potts stood at the front of the class. Her pinched-looking face and vulture expression scanned the class, most of them not paying attention.

But she almost smiled at the grinning, gangly girl sitting at the front of the class, with the thick glasses, long lank hair, and eager expression.

The End

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